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8320 GEES? 




yEflto flfl ffio tft^ t fu 

This year was an unprecedented year for the yearbook. j3y imple- 
menting a new style, changing the layout and bringing in a new 
staff, the yearbook process was the best it has ever been. Not only 
were there new executives, but also a fresher view and outlook that 
produced an incredible compilation of the year's events. Thank you 
to Vinnie Vrotny, Tim Curren, Emily Smith '00 Lynsey Wollin-Casey, 
Drea Gallaga, and all the students who contributed to the yearbook. 
Everyone's work and participation made a huge difference. 

Editors-in-Chief-. Madelame Kukanza '08 and Aracely Vasquez '08 
Editors-. Jeff Killian '08 and Phil Ochs 08 
Staff-. Alex Appelbaum 11, Karen Block '09, Sammi 
Edelson '11, Leigh Kukanza '11, Danny Lowinger '08, Sammy 
Marks -09, Caroline McCarthy '09, Ashton Minor '09, Liza Patinkin 
-08, Emmy Paull 09, Morgan Peters '11, Max Shafer '08, Kenna 
Sullivan '09, Madeline Tank '11, Shaun Teamer '08, Beth Vrotny 
■ 1 0, Hannah Walchak 09, Phoebe Woodall ' 1 0, Julia Ivanchenko 
08, and Zack Young 11. 

2 Yearbook Staff 

Whenever - Xs-fanc/oo 
floiS fi.ahnpt/6. . ." 

'"Tine we^ r'ici of +^e a,\\ 
school ac-fjv,^-ts <cow,e -fa 
min c) . • • " 

Every year, each of the Middle School 
and Upper School classes begins the year 
by participating in an outdoor educational 
experience. The purpose of these trips is 
to allow new students to meet the other 
members of the class and to teach stu- 
dents how to work in cooperative teams. 
Everyone enjoys these trips, and it is a 
great way to start the year. The bonding 
that occurs in these few days sets the tone 
for the rest of the year. 

John Foley, Sara Nydick • 1 0, Will Finlay • 1 0, and Hayley 
Formolo '10 roasting marshmallows. 

4 Outdoor Education 


Middle School boys showing off the tent they set up. 

Sophomores kicking 
back and chillirr. 

A /A 






Wilson Taylor • 1 1, Madeline Tank -1 1, Julia Lowe -1 1, Aliyea Rizai '1 1, 
and Christian Alexander - 1 1 taking a break from their long day of fun. 


David Trott • 1 0, Cardineal Nyarko ' 1 0, Curis Wulfsohn ■ 1 0. Trey 
Surplass ' 1 0. and Manssa Hall ' 1 working together to move to 
the other side of a log. 


The 1 ItlvGraders working together to 
move a marble down a path. 

k£* 1 

Caroline Whitmore '11, Meera Valliath ■ 1 1 , Max Fink - 1 1 , 
Leigh Kukanza '11, and Ryan Seltz • 1 1 taking a break from 
their busy day. 


Sixth-Graders posing for a picture. 

Outdoor Education 5 

tajQ§iHags8fi(2ffi)©D Eteip® 

Get to know Christoph: 

Every year we look forward to meeting our 
exchange student. This year, we welcomed 
Christoph to his new community where he 
showed us his talents and abilities. He is a 
warm, friendly, intelligent addition to our 
classes, sports teams, and clubs, and is a great 
friend to all. We are fortunate to have had 
the opportunity to get to know him. As the 
year comes to an end, we will be sad to say 
goodbye. We wish him the best of luck in all 
his future adventures. 

1. What is the grossest food you've tried in 

Sarkis; very good, but kind of disgusting. 

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, 
where would you so? 


3. What is the biggest difference between 
your school in Germany and North Shore? 

In Germany, school is an annoying obligation. 
NS is where my life takes place! That's a great 

k. What is your favorite memory of North 
Shore so far this year? 

Homecoming Week. 

5. Use one word to describe living with the 


6 International Student 

Caroline] BleharQDannyjLo winger, 1 

Stephen] Lb winger J Ben;Swartz 


:: ^% - 



y -fie? 

SSBt^, ->iiWMF &~ W 1M&^ 

1 n 

f 1 


h i\ 

Lifers 7 



By Liza Patinkin '08 , Aracely Vasquez '08 and 

Madelaine Kukanza '08 

■■--"¥- 2 


Homecoming was a soaring success this 
year! Spirit week included pajama day, 
dino day, crazy hat day, super fan day, and 
of course, RAIDER PRIDE day. 
Several Alumni returned to campus for 
the weekend, including singer and 
songwriter, Richard Marx '81. The Pep 
Rally was a great start to Homecoming 
weekend. Purple power fdled the stands 
at all of the sporting events. 

Aaron Regunberg '08, Bobby 
Sullivan '08, and Cindy Taylor '08 
leading the Pep Rally. 

1 ~Tsl 



■I » col 

Vv- E 'l 



Blair Hunt '09 taking a break from the pie eating contest. 

Dance club rocking it out to "Shake that 

8 Homecoming 

Beth Vrotny - 1 and Kelsey Hagen ■ 1 supporting the 
Volleyball team. 

// f 

Ryan Nolan ■ 1 6 displaying his Raider pride. 

Jordan Thomas • 1 4, Angie Ibrahim - 1 4, and Veera Anand ■ 1 4 
playing at the Pep Rally. 

^ft ^ 



Varsity Field Hockey girls leading the Lower School Homecoming 




" u 


The Upper School chorus starting the football game beautifully 
with the national anthem. 

Zack Young • 1 1 running down the gauntlet at the bonfire. 

Aleda Deuble • 1 2, Rachel Mabie ■ 1 2, and Connie Chiang - 1 2 
-aising money for the D.C Trip with a car wash. 

m " -• ' 





Lower-Schoolers showing their Raider pride. 

Homecoming 9 




Amanda Osborn 08, Olivia Kagan 08, Aracely Vasquez -08, 
Sarvie Bagheri 08, and Lauryn Payne ■ 1 1 hanging out at the bonfire. 

10 Homecoming 

Alex Bergman ■ 1 2, Kathenne Simmons - 1 2, and Alanna Peccia 
' 1 2 raising money for the D.C trip. 


Gabby Meyer • 1 3, Madison Amboian - 1 3, Alex Peccia ■ 1 3, Aria Hughes- 
Liebling ■ 1 3, Tim Morette - 1 3, Andrew Rice ' 1 4. and Melissa Rizai ■ 1 4 
watching the Pep Rally. 



.aura Morse -08 and Danielle Gensburg 08 posing at the bonfire. 

Hannah Gray '1 1, Caroline 3lehart 08, and 
Leah Druzinsky 08 speaking with Richard 
Marx -81, the recipient of the Stanton Award. 

Leigh Kukanza • 1 1 racing through the gauntlet at the bonfire. 



Julie Slock • 1 3 and Sarah Vrotny • 1 H 
playing at the Pep Rally. 


^- s V 


Raider fans cheering with all their might 
during the Pep Rally. 


Homecoming 11 


Halloween was a huge success at North 
Shore this year. Everyone was excited 
for the parade and eager to show off their 
creative costumes, especially the seniors 
and their buddies. Pigs, 1950s basketball 
players, the characters from Clue, and 
even Van Gogh made an appearance. 
Many faculty came in costume this year, 
which added to the experience. Nothing 
could match the excitment of walking 
through the parade as parents snapped 
pictures on the sidelines. 

Lindsay Getz - 1 6 her head in the game. 



i <m 


William Skinner - 1 H and Hannah Terwin ■ 1 4 
showing off their Halloween creativity, 




Rachel Mabie ■ 1 2, Alex Bergman • 1 2, Emma Colman • 1 2, 

Harin Jang -12, Mary Sturgis -12, Daniel Schur • 12, 

John Dellamore'14, and Grace Flickinger • 12 posing for the camera. 

12 Halloween 


Jordy Blenner '09, Danny Nolan 09, Mick Reedy 09, and 
Matt Thomas '09 shooting some hoops, '50s style. 


**$*\ :* 

■■; ' i: ' > 

Aaron Regunberg 08 showing some major 

lonnie Chiang • 1 2 and Tess Werner ■ 1 2 participating in the 

V W§£ 



<^5B Ei£y s '&."'. '■. * -J 

hoebe Casey -20 and Leah Druzmsky '08 striking a pose. 


LaVma Lowery and Cory Mares proving that teachers can 
have great costumes too. 


(aren Block -09. Blair Hunt 09, Kenna Sullivan '09, and 
Caroline McCarthy 09 showing some serious Raider pride. 






Lower-Schoolers marching in the parade. 

Cara Bondurant - 1 6 and Cade Frucci ' 1 6 spicing up the parade. 

Halloween 13 


137 i3iEaEl^<g0/^fTfrn ^^ 

North Shore parents are superheroes! Be- 
tween juggling their childrens' demand- 
ing schedules, assisting at school events, 
volunteering for the Parents' Association 
and the Benefit Board, it's incredible that 
our parents have the time and energy to 
do the little things. We depend on our 
parents for everything from supplying 
snacks at sporting events to planning class 
events. Without their help, so many of 
North Shore's wonderful events wouldn't 
be possible! 

A North Shore parent organizing the books for the j3ook Fair. 



if t 

Cindy Curley working at the sandwich bar in the cafeteria. 

■ sJ 



Michael Kukanza, Madelaine Kukanza 08, Jerry White, and 
Cindy Killian talking and enjoying the soccer game. 


14 Parents 

Parents working hard to set up for the annual Book Fan 








■ // .' 


' " 0- i 

Sr 1 ^" 




Mary Hayes working at the 3ook Fair. 

Relatives of Madeline Tank ■ 1 1 and Nick Tank '08 intently 
watching Madeline dominate on the field. 

A A A A 



Audrey Young and Zack Young ■ 1 1 watching a Homecoming game. 

' 7 -'i ■•''' 

The Hambletons socializing and watching their daughter play field hockey. 

Susan Shafiq working vigorously to organize the Book Fair. 


1 :: 

-^ W 


Helen Conlon and Cindy Killian enjoying the festivities. 

Reven Fellars and Darlene McKmney serving lunch to all of 
the hungry students in the cafeteria. 

Parents 1 5 

Hanging with Santa at the 


By Aracely Vasquez *OC 

Every year, all members of the School 
including students, faculty, parents, and 
alumni gather in the Mac Gym to 
celebrate traditions from around the 
world during the Holiday Celebration. 
Each buddy group performs a dance, the 
faculty and alumni sing and dance, and 
then the kindergartners and seniors do 
the Hokey Pokey. Even Santa takes time 
out from his busy schedule to drop in for 
a visit. This year there were a lot of laughs 
and great all-school interactions. 

16 Holiday Celebration 

laudia Fiegl 21. and Kelly Powers 08 watching the Holiday 
elebratiort from the sidelines. 




mm !j ;i 

Juliette Corboy • 1 H, and Malini Valliath - 1 H 
enjoying the Holiday Celebration. 



Caroline Rooney, Carmen Gomez-Fiegl, Anne-Marie 
Ball- Agata, Cory Mares, and Paige Austin waiting 
to dance. 

V £feh j*k 

Lee Block, Lynn Kelso, Beth Foster, and Peggy Coffee -86 
singing -Walking in a Winter Wonderland." 


Lifers: Danny Lowinger '08. Caroline Blehart 08, 
Stephen Lowinger 08, and 3en Swartz 08 leading 
the Holiday Celebration. 



Liza Patinkin -08, Olivia Lafferty -21, and Melissa Curley 
■08 gettting ready to do the Hokey Pokey. 



J 11 






Seventh-Graders and the 

r First Grade buddies 


participating in a traditional Jewish folk dance. 

Holiday Celeb 

ay Celebration 17 

Several times throughout the year, Morning Ex 
becomes Buddy Day. Students engage in various 
activities and projects with their buddies. Prior to 
Homecoming, buddy pairs are responsible for 
making the signs that propel North Shore sports tean 
to victory. We also make holiday cards for those who 
need cheering up, help clean up the North Shore 
campus when it gets really dirty, and play some 
incredibly fun games. And most importantly, Buddy 
Days allow us to create valuable relationships with 
students in different grades. 

18 Morning Ex/Buddy Days 

Morning Ex/Buddy Days 19 

Shooting Some Hoops at the 


By Madelaine Kukanza '08 


Basketball Bash was extremely successful 
this year. The Upper School Girls' team 
lost by one point and played an amazing 
game, and the Seventh Grade Boys domi- 
nated their game. Once again, the juniors 
held a fundraiser that included a raffle 
and shooting hoops at halftime, which 
was very successful. The turnout this year 
was fantastic. All Raiders fans came and 
cheered on all of the different age groups 
playing basketball. It was a great day. 

Launs Herth - 1 1 staring down his opponent. 


I, lp 


Jpper-Schoolers getting into the spirit and cheering on the basketball tean 

• •' 

Nora Philbin - 1 1 
trying to shoot a 
free throw to win the 
Junior Class raffle. 

Danny Nolan '09, and Eric 
Van Wart -10 stealing the 
ball from the opponent. 

20 Basketball Bash 

Basketball Bash 21 

This year provided lots of unique and fun ways to live 
up to our motto Live and Serve! The juniors chose Pen- 
nies for Peace for their service project. From January 8th 
to the 25th, each advisory in the Upper School had ajar 
in which they tried to get as many coins a possible. In 
conjunction with the juniors, the Fourth and Fifth Grade 
musical, Seussical, The Musical Jr. helped raise proceeds 
to benefit Pennies for Peace. The Upper School also 
organized a Knit-a-thon which was held on March 9th 
to benefit a non-profit organization called Afghans for 
Afghans. They enjoyed a great turnout! On May 12-16, 
students in the Middle School had a week-long bike drive 
with all the benefits going to a non-profit group called the 
Working Bikes Co-op. The Art Department introduced 
The CLOCKenspiel project where students, teachers, and 
parents were given the opportunity to design and build 
their own clock. Once they were completed, buyers were 
urged to bid for them, raising money for our sister school 
in Oaxaca, Mexico and Moshi, Tanzania. 

22 Service Learning 

G^SQ33J7^B3E3 < '2E 

Service Learning 23 

Upper School 

By Leigh Kukanza '11 and Madelaine Kukanza '01 

ff ^a ^ 

\l K~" *Jfc d 

r ** <■ 

^lr j) 

[ ^ 

m* 'M 


The Homecoming Dance, hosted by the 
seniors, took an interesting approach this 
year. The theme was "Neon," and every- 
one got into the theme, especially the se- 
niors. The dance was a really good way to 
end a great weekend. This was one of the 
best themes and Homecoming Dance. 
The black lights, glow sticks and neon 
clothing really added to the affair. 

First Row: Lauren Mulligan - 1 0, Janae Masnovi - 1 0, Caroline 
Whitmore 11, Riley Mostrom • 1 1 . and Meera Valliath ■ 1 1 pos- 
ing. Second Row-. Alex Whitmore 09 jumping in for the picture. 



Upper. Schoolers dancing the night away. 

24 US Socials 

Danielle Gensburg 08, and Laura 
Morse '08 smiling and posing at the 
Homecoming Dance. 

Peter Holz • 1 1 , and Morgan Peters ■ 1 1 
enjoying the Homecoming dance. 

% "• 

■.. " . 

Julie Block ■ 1 3, and Youssef Ibrahim- 1 2 partici- 
pating in the very popular hula hoop contest. 

Madison Amboian ' 1 3. and Anne 
Morris ' 1 3 striking a pose. 


1 ^M" 



", ^1 

PaulSlocum '13, Alex Haft 
Kendrick Hales ■ 13 enjoying 

13. SamTull 
the underwa 

nan ' 1 3, and 1 

er theme. jj 

Ilia Labkovsky - 1 3 working the glow sticks. 

Emma Shawver 12, Alex Bergman - 12, a guest, 

Mary Sturgis ■ 1 3, and Rachel Mabie ■ 1 3 having a good time. 


Hayun Cho ■ 1 3, and Chandler Elliott-Fehle ' 1 3 taking a 
break from dancing to pose for a picture. 


Lucy Parker ■ 1 2 trying to keep her hula hoop up. 

MS Socials 25 

X Lov & tlncec we™orief>,. . 

26 Divider 

Youssef Ibrahim ■ 1 2, Jake Kann • 1 2. Emma 
Colman ■ 1 2, and Aleda Deuble ' 1 2 laying the 

1 The Eighth Grade Class in front of the Capitol 

Ighth- Graders posing in front of the World 
I War II Memorial. 

The Eighth-Graders had yet another successful D.C. 
trip. They enjoyed going to all the monuments and 
were sad to see the trip come to an end. The highlight 
of the trip was when Erruiia Colman, Youssef Ibrahim, 
Aleda Deuble, and Jake|Kann laid the wreath at the 
Tomb of the UnknownfSolider. Another thing every- 
one loved was the play Shear Madness. It is a play 
about a barbershop, with a scandalous ending. The 
Eighth-Graders also enjoyed visiting the CIA and the 
Supreme Court courtesy of Mr. Skinner. All in all, they 
loved the trip. 

Tyler Salathe ' 1 2, and Patrick White ' 1 2 posing by a fountain 
near the Lincoln Monument. 

California natives La Vina Lowery and Paige Austin 
posing in front of the monument of their home state. 

\22SecaED30ISG3 ©&> 

8th Grade DC 

Trip 27 

Ismail Ibrahim ■ 1 5, Andrew Case ■ 1 5, Talia LaSchiazza 1 5, and Cynthia 
Karnezis- 1 5 getting excited for their Spanish meal. 





Danny Young • 1 5, Sophie Kelly ' 1 S, and Blythe 
Chesney • 1 5 as JoJo in the Fourth and Fifth 
Grade musical. 


Talia LaSchiazza - 1 5 belting out the 
words of the kangaroo. 


Ashleigh Wirtz ' 1 5, and Benjamin Yih ■ 1 5 
participating in Mayan Activies. 

I J. 


Ian Talty ■ 1 5, Daniel Viellieu ■ 1 5, and Gregor 
Milosits - 1 5 posing in traditional Mayan clothes. 

Each year, the new Fifth Grade class takes on a role of 

responsibility like no class in the Lower School. Being 
the oldest in the Lower School division, members of 
the Fifth Grade class learn to adapt to new priorities, 
assume different roles, and prepare themselves for the 
new world of Middle School. One of the first things 
the Fifth Grade takes charge of in the year is the lead- 
ership of the annual Halloween parade. Leading Lower- 
Schoolers with their spirited costumes and positive 
attitudes, Fifth-Graders announce and organize the 
parade, showing the rest of the school what it means 
to take charge. With experience under their belts, the 
Fifth Grade has no trouble preparing and executing a 
flawless and inspired Holiday Program. Further into 
their special year, they settled comfortably into their 
part as role models to the Lower School. In June, the 
Lower School's leaders are honored with a special grad- 
uation ceremony at Lower School Closing. The Lower- 
Schoolers will miss them, but we look forward to their 
success and achievements as Middle-Schooolers. 

Fifth-Graders giving thanks to the orchestra of 
their play. 

i m m 

iae iviemone 

(3? GOSScocEB 

5th Grade Memories 29 

Super-charged with spirit, excitement, and high expectations, the 
atmosphere of this year's Interim Week was something special here 
at North Shore. With a week off from normal classes and home- 
work, Upper School students signed up to participate in teacher-led 
trips, projects, or daily excursions. Each Interim program is de- 
signed to enrich teachers' and students' education in areas outside 
the classroom and, frequently, outside their comfort zones. While 
all of the Interims are great fun, each student is required to partici- 
pate in a community-service-based Interim project once during 
their four years in high school. This year, one of the new commu- 
nity service projects was creating art with elderly Alzheimers and 
Dementia patients; the experience was powerful and rewarding. 
Other old favorites included working at Molloy Education center, 
a facility for children with developmental disabilities, and helping 
to beautify our state's outdoors at the Paver Trail Nature Center. 
Other local Interims included Second City and cake decorating. 
One major part of Interim every year is the trips offered. This year, 
groups traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico and Wycliffe College in Stone- 
house, England. 

Joe Tepper 09. Alex Whitmore 09. Karen Block 09. and 
Peter Callahan 09 hanging out before a show. 




>.':';'. ■ . ■ '..V. 

■ m 

Danny Nolan -09, Kevin Nathan 08, and 
Mick Reedy 09 goofing around in England. 

Peter Vertrees '11, and Kevin Malpede 
■ 1 practicing their first aid skills. 

Caroline McCarthy 09, and Kelly Powers 
08 posing in front of Big 3en. 

uu mm Week 

Katnce Krumplys ■ 1 posing with girls 
from Oak Terrace. 

Ivan Ramirez • 1 0, and Phoebe Woodall ' 1 
posing with their friends from Oak Terrace. 

Interim Week 31 

Mary Sturgis ' 1 2. Emma Colman - 1 2. John 
Dellamore ' 1 2. Jonathan Green 1 2. and Jake 
Kann ■ 1 2 taking a break from the sightseeing in 

John Dellamore ■ 1 2 looking to 
pass the ball to someone. 

Mary Sturgis 1 2. and Kathenne Simmons 
1 2 acting in the third act of the MS play. 

32 8th Grade Memories 


# H % 

Katie Koenig ■ 1 2, and Colan Biemer • 1 2 showing 
their support at Homecoming. 

Aleda Deuble ■ 1 2, and Jeannie Peters - 1 2 
playing video games in D.C. 

Eighth- Graders enjoying dinner in D.C 

in D.C. 







8th Grade Memories 33 

Hannah Gray 1 1, Alex Kaplan '09. and Harrison 
Ciancuillo '08 performing at the Madrigal Feaste. 

x Appelbaum -11, j u |, a |_ owe .fi 
and Sam Bagheri ■ 1 1 walking in the Arts 


34 Candids 

Candids 35 


^■HfcSB' ,t ..JUL - • 

^^l '>Al^\sb 

1 Kestnn - 1 1 

^L--. *~*^E ^H 

j Suvarna Besanko 1 1, Nora Philbin -1 1, ■ 1 
and Meera Valliath -1 1. g | 

" flP 

2 Haley Ross 11, Hannah Walchak -09. and Eleanor Herzberg • 1 posing in ft 
1 the Upper School hallway. K. 



Max Fink ■ 1 1 . and Damen Fera • 1 1 playing 
in the advisory dodgeball competition. 


Wilson Taylor • 1 1 , and Akeem Edmond - 1 1 
chilling on the third floor. 


Laura Morse -08, and Sammy Marks 09. 


^d her buddy Elise Gupta 20. | Caroline Whitmore -1 1. Sammi Edelson -1 1. 

and Riley Mostrom -1 1. 

Middle-Schoolers in the play 
Testing. Testing. 


i Curtis Wulfsohn • 1 0, Ivan Ramirez • 1 0, and David Trott - 1 0. 



Noah Silverman ■ 1 5 making a 

Xochitl Carmona 09. and Cardineal Nyarko ' 1 0. 


^eter Callahan 09 

T-* 9 * 


Laura Morse 08. and Chris White '09 
finishing a math test. 

Alison McDonagh 09. and Alex Kaplan 09 checking their 
pictures before the parade. 


Rachel Mabie 12 acting 
in the MS play. 

Tyler Salathe ' 1 2 pretending to be 
Einstein in the MS play. 

landids 37 

Sarah Vrotny ■ 1 ">, and Morgan Mostrom ■ 1 4 
hanging around after school. 

Youssef Ibrahim -12, Juliet Miller - H, and Madeleine 
Anson ■ 1 3 working hard on a project. 


■ Middle School boys posing 
for a picture after PE. 


♦ A 

Nick Heytow ■ 1 1, and 
Peter Milling 11. 

Geoff Curley -10' 
playing dodgeball. 

Steven Cook ■ 1 3, Sam Tullman - 1 3, and Porter 
Veach ■ 1 3 posing for a picture. 


Tyler Salathe -12 

•> -A 


Kestrin 3rahimaj '11, Julia Lowe '11, Alex 
Appelbaum -11, and Morgan Peters • 1 1 
hanging out in the Academic Center. 


Juliette Corboy ' 1 4, and Quinn Gray 
■14 watching a game. 


Joni Dema • 1 0, and Stephanie Carrera ' 1 
hanging out in the locker room. 

Lower School students learning the finer points of field hockey. 

Matt Morrison 09, and Mia 
Werner 09 stopping on the 
stairs for a pose. 

Grace Flickinger ■ 1 2 and Jeannie 
Peters • 12 performing. 


Sherezaad Anwar ■ 1 1 taking notes 
during biology class. 

Stephanie Carrera • 1 0, Geoff Curley - 1 0. Ivan 
Ramirez • 1 0, Xochitl Carmona 09, and 
Joseluis JSedoya '09 stopping by the locker 
room before heading to their next class. 

Evan Salathe -14, and 
Angie Ibrahim ■ 1 4. 



Madelaine Kukanza -08, and Annie 
Schmidt '08 resting in the senior lounge. 

Max Fink -1 1 launching a 
dodgeball during a match. 


Jordy Blenner -09, David Thomas -09, and Danny Nolan '09 
showing their excitement for the Bonfire. 

Rebecca Dachille -09, and Annsley 
McKinney -08 waiting for the football 
game to start. 


Eric Van Wart -10, Mikey 
Gendell ' 1 0, and Damen 

Michael Creatura ' 1 1 


42 Arts Divider 

For the fall play this year, the Upper 
School put on A Few Good Men, by 
Aaron Sorkin. The play is about two 
marines who are arrested for murder, 
and how their lawyers fight for their 
freedom. One of the biggest chal- 
lenges that the cast had to overcome 
was learning how to act like Marines. 
The cast received a lot of help from 
Mr. Block and Mr. Dachille. Lighting 
changes were used to illustrate the oc- 
curring time changes in the plot, and 
this technique ended up working very 
well. The play got off the ground with 
help from Ms. Kelso, the director, and 
Ms. Flory, who designed the set. It was 
a huge success, and everyone who at- 
tended enjoyed themselves. 

' Annsley McKinney '08. Olivia Kagan '08, and 
Aaron Regunberg '08. 


1 "ft 

' s t-iSWKK 


% fjHf # \ 

w j y v w ■ • 

|f' £ 

T 7 V 

First Row: Matt Morrison 09. Chris Tobias '08. Kevin Nathan 08. 
Emmy Paull 09, TJIair Hunt 09, Jamie Elam 10, and Mikey Gendell 
■10. Second Row-. Mia Werner 09, Annsley McKinney 08, Olivia 
Kagan '08, Madelaine Kukanza 08. Harrison Ciancuillo 08, Danny 
Lowinger '08, and Sara Cunningham 09. Third Row: Arthur Wrobel 
08, Andrew fjustna '08, Nick Young -09, Aaron Regunberg 08, 
and Hopie Hambleton -09. 

Aaron Regunberg 08, and Harrison Ciancuillo '08. 


^«^ "f^ «^>l 

Annsley McKinney '08, Nick Young 09, Hopie 
Hambleton '09, and Sara Cunningham 09. 


Ui Fall Play 43 

Alex Haft -13 
Emma Colman '12 



Mary Sturgis '12 


The Middle School play took an 
interesting approach this year, which 
definitely worked out. Instead of 
one play, the Middle-Schoolers 
performed three short plays. Some 
were serious and others were 
hilarious! The plays addressed some 
relevant school issues which we all 
could relate to. Ms. Flory enlarged 
some quizzes and made giant replicas 
of basic school supplies to create 
an incredible set. All in all, Testing, 
Testing was a huge 

First Row-. Mary Sturgis • 1 2. Emma 
Shawver ' 1 2, Eliza Carey - 1 3, Maya 
Aurichio • 1 3, Ryan Shafiq ■ 1 3. Grace 
Flickinger '12, and Katherine Simmons 
■ 1 2. Second Row: Julie Block - 1 3, Annie 
Murnighan • 1 3, Brooke Bondurant ■ 1 3, 
Alex Bergman • 1 2, Kate Lee • 1 2, Rachel 
Mabie • 1 2, and Chandler Elliott-Fehle ■ 1 3. 
Third Row: Colan Biemer ' 1 2, Alex Haft - 1 3 
Patrick White ■ 1 2, Jonah Levi-Paesky • 1 3, 
Tyler Salathe • 1 2, Katherine Simmons • 1 2. 
and Anna Schmidt • 13. 



Katherine Simmons ' 1 2, Patrick White 
■12, and Alex Bergman 12. 

•v ▼; 

* "^ 


Maya Aurichio ' 1 3, Kate Lee - 1 2, 
and Emma Colman • 12. 

44 MS Play 


[Chandler Elliott-Fehle -13 1 

The Madrigal Feaste this year was a 
huge hit. Everyone wished we had 
it every year. The chorus sang beau- 
tifully and the food was delicious. 
The setting definitely added to the 
medieval feel. Peter Callahan shined 
as the jester and everyone was laugh- 
ing when he acted out the 12 Days 
of Christmas. The Madrigal Feaste 
would not have taken place without 
Mr. Querio's hard work. We all can't 
lit for the next Feaste! 

CO ^ 

Olivia Kagan 08. and Shreve Fellars 08. 
Tommy Brown 08 

r & 

Peter Callahan -09. and 
Aaron Regunberg '08. 

Annsley McKinney '08, and Danny Lowinger '08. 

First Row: T3en Shafer 11, Lauryn Payne '11, William Finlay '10, 
Nora Philbin ■ 1 1, and Annsley McKinney 08. Second Row-. Leah 
Druzinsky -08, David Thomas '09, Olivia Kagan '08, 
Shreve Fellars '08, Hopie Hambleton '09, and Sam McElroy '09. 

Andrew Bustria 08, Tommy Brown 08, Peter 
Callahan 09, and Aaron Regunberg -08. 

Joseph Tepper 09, Sara Cunningham '09, Kravon 
Teamer - 1 0, and Meera Valliath -11. 

Nora Philbin -11, Annsley McKinney 08, Leah Dru- 
zinsky 08. Emily Keyser -09, Bobby Sullivan 08. 
Erica Shaps 09. and Joseph Tepper 09. 

Madrigal Feaste 45 

US Chorus 
Caroline Blehart 
Peter Callahan 
Sara Cunningham 
Harrison Ciancuillo 
Leah Druzinsky 
Shreve Fellars 
Will Finlay 
Diana Granger 
Hannah Gray 
Hopic Hambleton 
Olivia Kagan 
Alex Kaplan 
Emily Keyser 
Katricc Krumplys 
Danny Lowinger 
Sam McElroy 
Janae Masnovi 
Annslcy McKinney 
Genevieve Nielsen 
Lauryn Payne 
Nora Philbin 
Aliyca Rizai 
Lucy Roque 
Ben Shafer 
Erica Shaps 
Bobby Sullivan 
Kravon Teamcr 
Joseph Tepper 
David Thomas 
Chris Tobias 
Sarah Traisman 
Mecra Valhath 
Peter Vertrecs 

MS Chorus 

Alex Amboian 
Madison Amboian 
Madeleine Anson 
Andrew Bedford 
Gagan Bhambra 
Julie Block 
Brooke Bondurant 
Elias Butler 
Will Case 
Eliza Carey 

Hayun Cho 
Cameron Chung 
Jack Colley 
Emma Colman 
Juliette Corboy 
Emi Croghan 
Hanna Cunningham 
Stephanie Curley 
Austin Curren 
Aleda Deuble 
Chandler Eliott- 

Jack Fields 
Cassi Formolo 
Olivia Giampietro 
Quinn Gray 
Alex Haft 
Kendnck Hales 
Riley Hall 

Aria Hughes-Liebling 
Kaitlyn Johnson 
Rebecca Kirtley 
Ilia Labkovski 
Jonah Levy-Paesky 
John McHugh 
Gabby Meyer 
Juliet Miller 
Tim Morette 
Madison Morgensai 
Annie Morris 
Sam Morrison 
Morgan Mostrom 
Annie Murnighan 
Alissa Nolan 
Lucy Parker 
Alex Peccia 
Jeannie Peters 
Garrett Rasmus 
Andrew Rice 
Melissa Rizai 
Emma Shawver 
Katherine Simmons 
William Skinner 
Mary Sturgis 
Sam Tutlman 
Jack Valenti 

Malini Valliath 
Porter Veach 
Sarah Vrotny 
Tess Werner 
Matt Weiser 
Virginia Wiltshire- 

LS Chorus 

Adam Chiang 
Olivier Alexandre 
August Coffee 
Cara Bondurant 
Blythe Chesney 
Catie Conlon 
CJ Charnas 
Sainantha Harney 
Tess Considine 
Brian Cook 
Rachel Healy 
Mark Croghan 
Cynthia Karnezis 
Morgan Harney 
Cameron Dehmlow 

Natasha Kelly 
Isabelle Haser 
Andersen Formolo 
Sophie Kelly 
Jada Howard 
Reese Formolo 
Isabella Kemp 
Lindsay Getz 
Hannah Lumberg 
James Kokonas 
Allyx Guittard 
Meaghan Lanctot 
Claire Gupta 
Sarah Metz 
Sarah Lumberg 
|aek Healy 
Mackenzie Nolan 
Tommy McHugh 
Valerie Kirtley 
Ava Suppelsa 
Gabi Monternbeault 

Chiara Lommcr 
Caroline Whitty 
Ryan Nolan 
Rachel York 
Ben Potter 
Chloe Zeller 
Firouz Naizi 
Olivia Reed 
Andrew Potter 
Margaret Tabb 
Hannah Przbylo 
Crea Taylor 
Meggie Richter 
Allyson Vaughn 
Lewis Simon 
Roy Walker 
Connor Watrous 
Annika Weinberg 
Samantha Weinberg 
Peter Weiser 

Antoma Theodosakis ' 16, I3lythe Chesney '15 
Crea Taylor • 1 6, and Sarah Metz • 1 5. 

46 LS, MS, and US Choruses 

Each year, we are treated to two con- 
certs from our Lower School, Middle 
School, and Upper School choruses. 
This year, on December 13, 2007, 
these groups performed their annual 
Winter Concert. Each of the groups 
sounded wonderful as they sang 
their collection of songs. We were 
treated to returning alumnus, Chris- 
tine Perkins '06 who sang a song 
in Swahili with the Lower School 
Chorus. The year also marked the 
debut of the Lower School Girls' 
and Boys' A Cappella groups. The 
Lower School boys joined the Up- 
per School A Cappella Club, which 
turned out to be fun. At the end of 
each concert, the choirs combine to 
share one song to cap the evening. 
This year, they sang a song written 
by alumnus, Richard Marx '83, who 
was honored in the fall. 

LS, MS, and US Choruses 47 

The Second Grade lighting up the stage. 
Fifth-Graders narrating the show. 

Each of the grades shares a dance, song, 
or poem showing the wide variety of 
celebrations that we observe. This 
year's theme was Winter Wonderland 
and we were treated to a wonderful set 
created by Mrs. Wagner and the Fifth 
Grade students. We all waited in eager 
anticipation for the Junior and Senior 
Kindergartners singing Feliz Navidad 
and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer fol- 
lowed by all Lower School students 
singing Give Us Hope. 

Tommy McHugh '1 7 

The JK and Cinnamon Bear delivering a great 

The Senior Kindergarten demonstrating just how 
much fun the holiday season can be. 



The Fifth-Graders singing "Somewhere In 
My Memory. 


Members of the Third Grade singing their hearts out. 

This year, many MS and US students 
entered the Wilmette Art Show. 
North Shore was represented well at 
the event, and it proved to be a very 
rewarding experience for all who en- 
tered. Aaron Regunberg '08, Beth 
Vrotny '10, Hannah Walchak '09, 
Emily Gavin '09 and Hayun Cho '13 
were honored for their accomplish- 
ments. The art show was extremely 
successful and hopefully even more 
will enter next year! 

A silkscreen print by Mia Werner '09 
A paper mola by Beth Vrotny - 1 

Upper School Participants: 

Lauren Mulligan '10, Lauren Olswanger 
'10, Kelsey Hagen '10, Trey Surpless '10. 
Matt Morrison '09, Elenor Herzberg '10 
Beth Vrotny '10, Lindsey Richter '09, 
Robert Rakocy '09, Caroline 
McKendrick '08, Cab Morris '10, 
foseluis Bedoya '09, Christoph Tries '09. 
Hannah Walchak '09, Celeste Black '10, 
Emily Gavin '09, Lilly Milk '10, Mia 
Weiner '09, Saachi Shah '09, Marissa 
Hall '10, Cindy Taylor '08, and Aaron 
Regunberg '08. 
Middle School Participants: 
Riley Hall '13, Alex Amboian '13, Steven 
Cook '13, Alissa Nolan '13, and Hayun 
Cho '13. 


aachi Shah 09. and Ashton Minor '09 posing at the Art Show 

Wilmette Art Show 49 

Marcus Anson • 1 5, and Vaibhav Anand - 1 6 
playing their saxophones for the Middle School band. 


Beginning Band 

Flute Allyx Guittard 

Clarinet Isabelle Adler, Reese Formolo, Lindsay Getz, Chiara Lommer 

Trumpet Brian Cook 

Alto Sax Viabhav Anand, Marcus Anson, Crea Taylor, Antonia 

Theodosakis, Allyson Vaughn 
Baritone CJ Charnus, AJ Formolo 
Percussion Cameron Dehmlow Dunne, Michael Valenti 

Fifth Grade Band 

Clarinet Samantha Harney, Hannah Lumberg 
Trumpet Blythe Chesney, Tommy McHugh 
Baritone Ismail Ibrahim 
Percussion Claire McCarthy 

Middle School Band 

Flute Alex Bergman, Kate Lee, Juliet Miller, Alexandra 

Theodosakis, Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon 
Oboe Daniel Schur 

Trombone Youssef Ibrahim, Sam Skinner, Jordan Thomas 
Trumpet Veera Anand, Julie Block, Alexander Chiang, John Dellamore, 

Christopher Nolan, Sarah Vrotny 
Guitar Carl Anderson, Daniel Hayes 

Alto Sax Clayton Cottingham, Stephanie Curley, Shea Dettling, Katie 

Koenig, Zachary Kornick, Annie Murninghan, Tyler Salathe, 

Patrick White 
Percussion Angie Ibrahim, Evan Salathe, Paul Slocum, Matt Suppelsa, 

Declan Falls, Hannah Terwin 

Upper School Ensemble 

Alto Sax 

Eric Anderson 
Sherezaad Anwar 


Mick Reedy, Alex 


Tenor Sax 

Drea Gallaga* 


Michael Creatura 

Drum Set 

Becca Dachille 

*NSCDS Faculty 

50 LS Band, MS Band, and US Ensemble 

The band concert was held on 
January 31st and brought amazing 
sounds to the North Shore commu- 
nity. Those who came to the concert 
had to brave the snow, which lead to 
a snow day the next day. Two Lower 
School bands, the Middle School 
band, and the Upper School ensem- 
ble helped to brighten students' and 
teachers' evenings with their upbeat 
music. There were also several so- 
loists during the evening, including 
Tommy McHugh '17 on trumpet, 
and Kate Lee '12 on flute. The mu- 
sicians showed off their talents on 
instruments like the trumpet, clari- 
net, piano, electric guitar, trombone, 
flute and drums. The combination 
of these various instruments created 
quite an amazing performance. 

The Middle School band playing harmonious music for the crowd. 


LS Band, MS Band, and US Ensemble 51 



Alice Tierney Prindiville-Po 
Henslee ■ 18. 
Vivienne Falls • 18 

1o '18, and Sophie 


Mia Melchlorre • 1 8, Chris Molzahn ■ 1 8, Thandi Steele ' 1 1 
and Cooper Bluhm ■ 1 8. 

This year, the second grade play was 
a huge success. They performed The 
Three Little Pigs for an audience that 
not only included the whole school, 
but their parents as well. The show 
had two very scary wolves along with 
three adorable pigs. Along with the 
pigs and wolves, there were narrators 
and townspeople who sang the songs 
wonderfully. Mrs. Kiracibasi led the 
excellent musical that was enjoyable 
for everyone and mesmerizing for_the 

Aliana Velick ■ 

Kristina Butler • 1 8, and Govind Menon • 1 ! 


Benjamin Silverman ■ 18, Max Barr -18, and 
Trenton Bismonte '18. 


Lisa Hodges • 1 8, Cameron Rizai ■ 1 8, and James Karnezis - 1 8. 

52 Second Grade Play 

The Three Little Pigs and their Mother-. Jack Souder ■ 1 8, 
Hamya Ghazi '18, Amy Kelly -18, and Harry Remsdorf 'U 

This year, the Fourth and Fifth Grade 
play took a very interesting approach: 
a musical inspired by Dr. Seuss! Mrs. 
Hiland read a Dr. Seuss poem, which 
was an excellent start to the fun mus- 
cial. The musical included many dif- 
ferent books including Horton Hears a 
Wlio and Gertrude McFuzz. The cos- 
tumes were vibrant, and the energy 
that the cast gave really encouraged 
the audience's involvement as well. 
North Shore looks forward to next 
/ear's creation! 

4th/5th Grade Play 53 

This year the Upper School put on 
The Emperor's New Clothes. This play 
was especially successful because it not 
only appealed to the Lower School 
but also was a way to bring seniors and 
their kindergarten buddies together. 
The Japanese costumes were spec- 
tacular along with the beautiful set 
that was made up of screens and flow- 
ers. The villagers worked to make the 
show great with an imitation of Taiko 
drumming which really engagedjhe 

54 US Winter Play 

Every three years, North Shore puts 
on a Gilbert and Sullivan musical. 
This year, the selection was the Pirates 
of Penzance. It was a great opportunity 
for the seniors to shine in their last op- 
portunity to perform at North Shore. 
It was an entertaining musical, with 
great singing and action. 

Olivia Kagan '08, Annsley McKinney -08. Kelsey 
Hagen - 1 0, Alex Kaplan 09. and Danny Lowinger 08 

Spring Musical 55 





7 '•' 

■in ; 

, r 

i j 

r jJpiX 


moooqm c 

seop oovj 


1 II 



"' i ' /^St 


/// \ 

/ / ^ 
/ 1 -m 

\ ^^j 

/ ( ff /l 

56 US Field Hockey 

Julia Lowe • 1 1 


This year's US Field Hockey 
team, led by senior captains 
Kelly Powers '08 and Natalie 
Haft '08, had great success. 
The team finished second 
in the ISL, and downed last 
year's state runner-up Loyola 
Academy at their Home- 
coming. The Junior Varsity 
team played very well in the 
tournament hosted at North 
Shore, and they continued 
to improve as the season 

US Field Hockey 57 


Byj Kenna^ Sullivan k09 

This year, the 
Volleyball team had two 
new coaches: Roderick 
Mobley and Tracie 
Mayberry They brought a 
new attitude to the volley- 
ball program. The Varsity 
team was led by captains 
Annie Schmidt '08 and 
Leah Druzinsky '08, while 
Katie Cherry '09 and Ama 
Kittoe '09 led the JV team. 
The girls' serve-receive 
and offense skills 
improved drastically over 
the course of the season. 

Caroline Whitmore ■ 1 1 

1* i 

1 Katie Cherry '09 

Kenna Sullivan 09 


58 US Volleyball and US Tennis 

Sarvie Bagheri '08. 
Lmdsey Koenig - 10. 
Emily Keyser 09, 
Janae Masnovi ■ 10, 
Aliyea Rizai ' 1 1 
Volleyball Girls 

Annie Schmidt 08, and Sarvie Bagheri 08. 

|j^\"V '■-:-■. v' :.-■. rr-±_i \ ': -\: :.>:..: d ."-— - ; tii k :1 

- -" *• 

First Row: Ouinnita Bellows '11, Saachi Shah -09, Kelsey Hagen 10, Aracely Vasquez 
■08, Kestrin JSrahimaj -1 1, Lucy Roque 09, and Annie Schmidt -08. Second Row-. 
Sarvie Baghen '08. Riley Mostrom '11, Meera Valliath '11, Janae Masnovi ■ 1 0, Ashley 
Richardson 09, Emmy Paull 09, Leah Druzinsky 08, Ama Kittoe 09, Caroline Whitmore 
•1 1, and Emily Keyser 09. Third Row: Tracie Mayberry, Jill Krier 08. Kenna Sullivan 09. 
Lauren Mulligan 10. Aliyea Rizai 11, Katie Cherry ■ 09, Tjeth Vrotny 10, Soma Shah 
■11, Olivia Kagan 08, Melissa Curley 08. and Roderick Mobley. 

Danielle Gensburg 08 

The fall 2007 Tennis team 
had a very exciting season. 
Varsity ended the season 
5-5-1, while Junior Var- 
sity finished 2-5-0. North 
Shore tied New Trier in 
the annual New Trier 
tournament and defeated 
Loyola and Vernon Hills 
as well. This was a very 
exhilarating victory for the 
Tennis team! Next year, 
tennis will really miss their 
four seniors: Amanda, 
Caroline, Danielle and 


By y Leigh KukanzaVll 

US Volleyball and US Tennis 59 


r^ ro*Mffiranif?nTm< r?fl ^^ 

Feel your heart beat and be- 
gin to race faster and faster 
as you stand in a straight 
line with runners from other 
teams that want the same 
thing as you. Cross Country 
is about physical and men- 
tal preparation. This year 
the teams had a very strong 
season. The entire girls' 
team and four members of 
the boys' team qualified for 



Joni Dema 10 

Becca Dachille '09 

Shaun Teamer 08 

Xochitl Carmona -09. Nora Philbin '11, and 
Stephanie Carrera ' 1 0. 

55, 10 


1 7 4; 

muds "-ms ( i""':: 

f!3 i.r -I 

First Row-. Wilson Taylor ■ 1 1 , Lauris Herth '11, Peter Vertrees ■ 1 1 , Trey Surpless ■ 1 0, Nick 
Young '09, Sam McElroy -09, Mick Reedy -09, and David Deuble '11. Second Row: Jack 
Harmer '08, Will Finlay '10, Tommy Brown '08, Mason George '11, Kevin Nathan 08, David 
Thomas -09, Billy Gendell -08, Jay Findlay -08, and Charlie Sklare '09. Third How: Shreve 
Fellars '08, Max Shafer 08, Bobby Sullivan '08, Jay Bach, Jim Deuble, Cy Oelench, Jason 
Hahnstadt, Taylor Appelbaum 08, Eric Anderson '1 1. and Aaron Regunberg 08. 

Bobby Sullivan 08, 

Shreve Fellars '08 and 

Mick Reedy 09, 

David Thomas '09, 

Max Shafer 08 and David 

Thomas 09 

Taylor Appelbaum -08. 

The Raider Offensive Line-. Max Shafer 08, 
Jack Harmer 08, Aaron Regunberg 08, and 
Billy Gendell -08. 

60 US Cross Country and US Football 

; «*4i 

idrea Strauss ■ 10, and Chloe Stahl 09 

team taking a knee after a game. 

ine support 


Jay Fmdlay -08 

The team this year lacked 
numbers on the roster but 
made up for it with their 
spirit. The Raiders went 
6-3 in the regular season and 
were given the opportunity 
to avenge a loss to Alden- 
Hebron in the playoffs. Al- 
though they lost, the season 
remained a tremendous 
success. The fairly small 
team had 10 seniors who as- 
sisted the team in many ways 
and will be missed next year. 

Shreve Fellars 08 

US Cross Country and US Football 61 


This year, US Soccer 
advanced once again into 
the second round of the 
playoffs. They had a 
fantastic season under the 
coaching of Kyle Jones, 
Dave Potter, Jeff Richey 
and Brian Frederick. They 
were one win away from 
having the best season in 
NS history. Captains Jeff 
Killian '08, Abe Aviles '08, 
and Alex Whitmore '09 
led the memorable season. 

L a 

RL. ii 

■ " ^p 


Jordy Blenner 09, and 
Christoph Tries 09. 

Jeff Killian -08 

» ?7 

Fred Cheon -1 1 

Soccer team at halftime 

62 US Soccer and US Golf 



Peter Callahan -09 

Ivan Ramirez ■ 10 

Luke Lee -1 1 

First Row-. Jake Gordon '11, Zack Young 11. Joe Tepper 09, Kevin Malpede '10, Fred 
Cheon '11, Drew Dickson '11, and Shelby Marks '11. Second Row: Sam j3agher> '11, 
Andrew Bustria 08. Joseluis tiedoya '09, Luke Lee '11, Ricky Stevenson -08, Alex 
Tomkins - 1 0, Peter Milling '11, Curtis Wulfsohn ■ 1 0, Jordy Blenner -09, and Nick Heytow 
■11. Third Row: Gordon Backer '11, Akeem Edmond -11, Sherezaad Anwar '11, Jeff 
Killian -08, Alex Whitmore '09. Abe Aviles -08. Christoph Tries '09, Ryan Seltz 1 1, and 
Geoff Curley -10. Fourth Row ; Peter Callahan '09, Rob Voges -10, Michael Creatura 11, 
Jeff Richey, Dave Potter, Kyle Jones, Jinan Frederick, Matt Thomas '09, Javier Heredia 
■11, and Chris White '09. 

This year, US Golf had a very 
successful season. They were 
9-0 in the Independent School 
League and they won their first 
ISL banner. The Golf team 
came in second in the ISL tour- 
nament, and Jeff Terwin was 
the ISL coach of the year. The 
sole member of the Girls' Golf 
team, Madelaine Kukanza '08, 
advanced to the Sectionals for 
North Shore, and Jordan Stein 
'10 advanced to the State Finals. 

US Soccer and US Golf 63 




The Middle School Field 
Hockey team was com- 
prised of a great group 
of girls. The whole team 
improved over the season 
and showed a great amount 
of enthusiasm. Although 
the games did not always 
go the way that they would 
have liked, they were 
always ready for the next 
day of practice to learn 
from their mistakes and 
improve for the next game. 

Katie Koemg - 12 

*W?f *srtr 

First Row: Hannah Terwin ■ 1 4. Malini Valliath ' 1 4. Juliette Corboy '14, Stephanie 
Curley ■ 1 1, Sarah Vrotny • 1 1 . Kaitlyn Johnson ■ 1 4, and Angie Ibrahim - 1 4. Second 
Row-. Morgan Mostrom '14. Rebecca Kirtley '14. Jenny Reinsdorf - 1 3, Emi Croghan 

• 1 4, Maya Aunchio ' 1 3, Alex Peccia - 1 3, Hanna Cunningham • 1 3, and Veera Anand 

• 1 4. Third Row: Aria Hughes- Liebling - 1 3, Annie Murmghan ' 1 3, Emma Shawver ' 1 2 
Anne Morris ' 1 3, Gabnella Meyer - 1 3, Hayley Bounds - 1 3, and Melissa Rizai ■ 1 4. 
Fourth Row: Natalie Sept. Madison Amboian ■ 1 3. Madeleine Anson ■ 1 3, Chandler 
Elliott-Fehle ■ 1 3, Katherine Simmons- 1 2, Alexandra Theodosakis' 1 4. Kate Lee- 1 2, 
and Casey Woodward. 

Sixth, Seventh, and 
Sixth Graders. 

I Angie Ibrahim ■ H, and Sarah Vrotny- 1 f . 

I: *S^ 

64 MS Field Hockey and Volleyball 

P^^P w% 

w^ Itt^h? ^ 

\ 1 'r\ 

■Aleda Deuble 


MVirgmia Wiltshire Gordon 


■Rachel Mabie 


■Aleda Deuble 


B<atie Koenig • 

12 and I 

■Rachel Mabie 



Rachel Mabie 12 

Kaitlyn Johnson - 1 4, Angie Ibrahim -14, Alex 
Theodosakis ■ 1 4, Juliette Corboy ■ 14. Sarah Vrotny '14, 
and Hannah Terwln • 1 4. 

First Row-. Tess Weiner- 1 2, Lucy Parker '12, Anna Schmidt - 1 3. Hayun Cho • 1 3, Julie 
Block • 1 3, and Juliet Miller • 1 4. Second Row-. Mary Sturgis • 1 2, Grace Flickmger ■ 1 2. 
Emma Colman - 1 2, Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon - 1 2, Madison Morgensai ' 1 4. Eliza Carey 
13, and Brooke Bondurant ■ 13. Third Row-. Emily Smith -00, Alex Bergman ' 12. Alann; 
Peccia • 1 2, Olivia Giampietro - 1 3. Aleda Deuble ■ 1 2, Rachel Mabie - 1 2, Katie Koenig - 1 : 
and Jenny Fisher. 

Kaitlyn Johnson • 14 


'I Stephanie Curley '14 

Katherine Simmons ' 12 

Middle School Volleyball 
had an amazing season this 
year. Everyone on the 
Volleyball squad put forth a 
tremendous effort to 
improve their skills and 
finish their season strong. 
Everyone on the team 
grew as a player and they 
had a great season over- 
all! The sixth, seventh, 
and eighth grade teams all 
enjoyed very successful 

By Madeline/Tank will 

MS Field Hockey and Volleyball 65 

Led by coaches Cy 
Oelerich '89 and Jay Bach, 
the North Shore Middle 
School Football enjoyed 
a great season. Standouts 
Jordan Thomas and Sam 
Tullman were forces to 
be reckoned with, leading 
the offensive and defensive 
line. North Shore fought 
every game well and al- 
ways gave 110%. Football 
at NS has a bright future 


^k -' 41 1 

p 'vm 

^^^B^H ^fcr^^ *^V 


fc'^- l^^BL- u . ^y 

1 IffUCOim 

Tyler Salathe 12 1 

Patrick McQanahan -12 

Alex Amboian ■ 1 3. and Cy 
Oelerich 89. 

I Jake Kann ■ 1 2 tackling an op- 
ponent and Colan 33iemer - 1 2 with 
L I the assist. 

66 MS Football and Soccer 

la Labkovski • 13, 
Andrew Bedford ' 13. 
MattSuppelsa 13, 
JakeKann 12, 
Matt Weiser -14. 

First Row-. Jonah Levi-Paesky ■ 1 3, Evan Salathe -14, Christopher Nolan • 1 4. Shea 
Dettling '14, Patrick McClanahan • 1 2, Garrett Rasmus ' 1 4. Jordan Thomas • 1 4, and W 
Case ' 1 4. Second Row : Andrew Bedford • 1 3. Kendnck Hales ' 1 3, Matt Suppelsa 13.) 
Haft - 1 3, Ilia Labkovski • 1 3, Sam Skinner ■ 1 2, Paul Slocum ■ 1 3, Carl Anderson • 14, ar 
Matthew Weiser ■ 1 4. Third Row : Coach Oelreich 89. Jean-Patrick Grosrenaud ' 1 2, Elis 
Butler • 1 3, Colan Biemer ■ 1 2. Jake Kann • 1 2. Tyler Salathe ■ 1 2, Alex Amboian • 1 3, Se 
Tullman - 13, Jay Bach. 

This Middle School soc- 
cer season was described 
by Coach Kinnaird, who 
also worked with Coach 
Collins, as one of great 
improvement. The team 
won its two home games, 
and, in their very intense 
last game of the season, lost 
by only one goal. The team 
had a lot of fun and also 
used the support of their 
very adored mascot. 

r ^f?^tfWffltT^rw?^Trr7\ < 

MS Football and Soccer 67 

Upper School Basketball 
had a great season, which 
, was guided by the only 
senior on the team, 
captain Kelly Powers. 
The team had members 
from every grade and re- 
ally bonded. They almost 
went where no girls North 
Shore team had gone 
before when they nearly 
won the Regional Cham- 
pionship (hosted by North 
Shore), a huge success for 
North Shore! 

68 US Girls and Boys Basketball 



[Julie Stevens '09 
■iopie Hambleton '09 
<elly Powers '08 
5ara Gardner 09 
Julia Price '10 

Kelly Powers -08, Sammy Gray 10, and 
Sara Gardner 09. 


First Row-. Julie Stevens '09, Alex Appelbaum '11, Katnce Krumplys • 1 0, Sara Gardner '09, 
Ama Kittoe '09, Ashley Richardson 09, and Cardmeal Nyarko • 1 0. Second pow: Kelly Powers 
08, Diana Granger • 1 0, Sammy Gray ' 1 0, Soma Shah • 1 1, Qlen Gardner 09, Katie Gentles 
• 1 0, Julia Pnce • 1 0, and Hopie Hambleton '09- Third Row-. Hannah Gray '11, Lauren Mulligan 
■lO.AIiyeapizai '11, John Cohn, Casey Woodward, Lily Milla '10, and Katie 
Cherry 09. 

It "was another great year 
for the boys basketball 
team as a whole. They 
were divided into three 
teams: Varsity, coached 
by Coach Powers; Junior 
Varsity, coached by Coach 
Brown; and the Freshman 
team, coached by Coach 
Monroe. They received 
great support from the 
students at North Shore 
and progressively improved 

US Girls and Boys Basketball 69 

• I • I 1 I ■ ItJ 

The girls basketball team 

Chandler Elliott-Fehle -13 H 

was very good this year, 
with both Seventh and 

« fc v-1 f: 

Eighth Grade winning 

r Mfc^w P^ 

multiple games against An- 
she Emet, Willows Acade- 
my, and Chicago City Day 
School. At the Basketball 


Bash, the team played their 
best losing a heartbreaker 


to Mooseheart. All in all, it 


was a great year, with fun 

r _ 7T . .. 

times and immense im- 



, -• ■ 

Rachel Mabie 12 

70 MS Girls and Boys Basketball 

Julie Block -13. 
Alanna Peccia 12, 
Madison Amboian ' 1 3, 
Alex Peccia ■ 13, 
Annie Murnighan ■ 13. 

It was a good year as a 
whole for the Middle 
School boys basketball 
team. The Seventh Grade 
did very well this year, go- 
ing eight and four and win- 
ning the end of the year 
tournament. They were a 
very good shooting team 
as well, making a lot of 
threes. The Eighth Grade 
improved together as a 
team, and really bonded 
throughout the season. 



MS Girls and Boys Basketball 71 


Seventh Gra d e Bask e tball Team 

First Row-. Alex Haft • 1 3, Kendnck Hales • 1 3. Gagandeep Bhambra ' 1 3. 
Andrew Bedford ' 1 3. Jonah Levi-Paesky - 1 3. Ilia Labkovski • 1 3. and 
Matt Suppelsa ■ 1 3. Second Row: Sam Tullman ■ 1 3, Tim Morette • 1 3, Alex 
Amboian - 1 3, Ryan Shafiq ' 1 3, Martin Freeman, Paul Slocum - 1 3. Austin 
Curren • 1 3. Ehas Butler ■ 1 3. and Riley Hall ' 1 3. 

Harry Metz '1 1 

Winter Track, US Ski Trip, and Team Photos 73 

74 Candids 

Rebecca Kirtley -If. Veera Anand ■ 1 4. and 
Hannah Terwm ■ 1 4 posing in the museum. 

Candids 75 

an Nolan -11, and Webbe Colley 
■ 1 1 taking a break from their work in 
the Academic Center. 

76 Candids 

Candids 77 


Each year in March, during the week before Spring Break, 
Lower School students break from the normal routine and 
experience a cross-grade learning experience. It is a week of 
exploration, filled with liveliness, excitement and fun. This 
year the theme 'was "light". Students explored designs on light 
sensitive paper, impressions, shadows, different light sources, 
stars, planets, and the adaptations of deep underwater creatures 
that use light signals to catch food. Students then shared their 
activities in Afternoon Ex. 





in I 



^ m JonE 

than Segal 

■ 15. and Knstina Butler -18. 1 



/%.. ,*, 

Samantha Weinberg ■ 1 7, 

Anmka Weinberg ■ 1 7, and Jada Howard 1 7. 


One of the Theme Week groups sharing. 


78 LS Theme Week 

Tli are <=, 


„o o O 



Or I could e-v t r. be. p<tf"r 
o^ pioo-Ponj C^jJ| 



P^^^IP be-in ? prl 

elpinq OUT ir, -fl^e. Co^muni-/y 


Divider 79 

5 ^ D ffl^X J W 

80 Clubs 

Knitting Club - Afghans for Afghans 

Knitting Club is a new phenomenon this 
year. Started by Mrs. McHugh and a number 
of students, its members include both males 
and females from a variety of grades. Knit- 
ting is on fire this year! It seems like every 
day someone new is knitting in the senior 
homeroom or in advisory. This club has 
shown how fun and relaxing knitting really 
can be. It is a service club as well. On March 
9th, Knitting Club hosted a knit-a-thon called 
"Afghans for Afghans." It was an event to 
make scarves, hats and blankets 
for people in Afghanistan. This 
year, Knitting Club has shown that 
knitting is fun and can be put to 
good use! 

Ulubs SI 

Science Olympiad 

This year, the Middle School Science Olympiad team celebrated its 10th 
year of competition. For the Upper School, this is the ninth year of competi- 
tion. At the Regional Competition, held at the College of Lake County on 
Saturday, March 9th, each team competed in order to qualify for the State 
Finals at the University of Illinois on April 26th. 

For the 10th year in a row, our Middle School team qualified for the state 
tournament. Congratulations to all of the participants! 

82 Clubs 


10 Years of Excellence 

Clubs 83 

84 Clubs 

Clubs 85 

MS Advisories 

: irst Tfow: Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon - 1 2. Angie Ibrahim ■ 1 4, and 
)eclan Falls - 1 4. Second Row : Jonah Levi-Paesky • 1 3. Austin Curren 
13, Jean- Patrick Grosrenaud 12, Danny Schur -12, Hayley Bounds 
13, and Alex Haft '13. 


First Row : Jeanme Peters ' 1 2. Steve Collins, Colan Biemer ■ 1 2. Alex 
Amboian ■ 1 3, and Stephanie Curley ' 1 4. Second Row: Jack Valenti 

• 1 4, Maya Aunchio • 1 3, Andrew Bedford • 1 3, and Olivia Giampietro 

• 1 3. Third Row: Alex Theodosakis • 1 1. 

Ms? Mares s/Advisory 

MS Advisories 87 

First Row-. Zack Young 11, Shelby Marks- 1 1, Matt Morrison 09. and 
Suvarna Besanko '11. Second Row: Danny Lowinger 08, Tim Curren, 
Christoph Tries 09, Katnce Kmmplys 10, and Ryan Seltz '11. Third 
Row: Luke Lee -11. 

Sr a* Gomez-Fiesl's 'Advisory 


First Row: Carmen Gomez-Fiegl. Second Row : Ouinmta Bellows 11. 
Third Row-. Ivan Ramirez • 1 0, Danielle Gensburg 08, Kestrin Bra- 
himaj '1 1, Raul Barrera '09, Hayley Formolo -10, Liza Patinkin 08, 
Diana Granger ■ 10, Allison McDonagh 09, and Nick Young 09. 

88 US Advisories 

First Row: Alex Slock ■ 1 0, Sara Nydick -10, Beth Vrotny ' 1 0, and 
Kate Puccia. Second Row: Charlie Sklare 09, Mason George 11, 
Sam McElroy 09, Cardineal Nyarko 10, Will Fix -10, Arthur 
Wrobel 08, and Kravon Teamer ■ 1 0. 



^Mrs. Scanlans Advisory 

First Row: Lauryn Payne -11. Alex Appelbaum '11, and 
Stephanie Carrera ' 10. Second Row-. Ashton Minor -09, Peter Mill 
ing ' 1 1, Ceil Scanlan, and Nick Heytow 11. 

First Row-. Caroline Blehart -08, and Phoebe Woodall 10. 
Second Row-. 3en Swartz 08, Mick Reedy 09, Jack Viellieu 09, 
and Michael Queno. Third Row-. Jay Findlay 08, Gaurav Ajmani '08, 
Sarah Traisman '1 1, and Hannah Gray -1 1. 

US Advisories 89 

Dr ATerwin s'Advisory 

First Row-. Drea Gallaga. Second-. Row : Abe Aviles 08, Andrew 
Bustria 08, Ama Kittoe09, Drew Dickson - 1 1, Morgan Peters 11, 
Phillip Ochs '08, Sara Gardner -09, Ashley Richardson 09, Xochitl 
Carmona 09, and Rebecca Dachille '09. 

90 US Advisories 


First Row: Chris Tobias 08. Sarvie Bagheri 08. and Lauris Herth 
•1 1. Second Row: Sara Cunningham 09. Third Row: Jill Krier '08, 
Lauren Mulligan -10, Leigh Kukanza '11, Billy Gendell 08, and 
David Deuble '11. 

Mdme. Wollin-Casey's ww* 



Left to Right-. Hannah Walchak '09, Lmdsey Richter 09, Geoff 
Curley 10, Alex Tompkins 10, Luke Gensburg 10, Eli Siegel '11, 
John Foley, Erica Shaps 09. Sherezaad Anwar '11, Soma Shah 
■11. and Madelaine Kukanza '08. 




Clockwise from Lower Left: Hopie Hambleton '09. Meera Valliath 
■11, AliyeaRizai-11, Jordy Blenner 09. Chris White 09, David 
Thomas 09, Peter Callahan -09, Caroline Whitmore -1 1, Emily 
Gavin '09, Ellen Gardner -09, Joseluis Bedoya 09, and Lynsey 

From top to bottom: 
Jamie Elam 10, Patrick 
Ver Tjockel -08, Stephen 
Lowinger '08, Frank 
Dachille, Lilly Milla- 10, 
Genevieve Nielsen ■ 10, 
Andrea Strauss -10, 
Amanda Osborn -08, and 
Annsley McKinney -08. 

Mr? Boyle's Advisory 

Front Row: Jeff Killian -08, Sammy Gray ' 1 0, Becca Newmark ■ 1 0. 
Matt Thomas -09. Ben Shafer 11. Nick McCarthy '11, and Chris 
Boyle. Second Row-. Ricky Stevenson 08, Annie Schmidt 08, Blair 
Hunt 09. and Laura Morse 08. 

Mrs.1 Molzahn VAdvisory 


First Row: Lmdsey Koenig '10, Peter Vertrees '11, Akeem Edmond 
■11, Kevin Malpede • 10, and Jonathan Misch '08. Second Row ; 
Lauren Olswanger 10. Riley Mostrom 11. and Katie Gentles 1 0. 
Third Row: Vanessa Molzahn. Marissa Hall ' 1 0. and Joe Tepper '09. 

US Advisories 91 




Superstars strive for approbation; 

heroes walk aloneM # J 
Superstars crave consensus; 


heroes define themselves by the judgment 





flp *\ 

if '*&' ''' ' 


m A 


94 Faculty, Staff, and Other Heroes 

Faculty, Staff, and Other Heroes 95 

96 Faculty, Staff, and Other Heroes 

Kitchen Staff: Culberto Sotelo, Rosa Garcia, 

Leticia de la Torre. Evelina Soriano. David Garcia, and Tom Koegel. 











W m 

Karen Schertzing 1 

Faculty, Staff, and Other Heroes 97 

-~s~ u£i 


-- — ' — ^<?.'<V 

4 -T^mpSSKnUk 


*_a ' 



^ Ti - ^H^ 

l rI 

1 Development Of 

ice-. Nancy Whiteman, 


1 Molly McDowell, 

and Tracie Mayberry. 

I LS Heading Specialist-. Emily Denesha I 

98 Faculty, Satff, and Other Heroes 

Faculty, Staff, and Other Heroes 99 

Dedicated to those heroes who 
help us each and every day 

When we think of the heroes in our 
lives, we often think of those people who 
perform extraordinary tasks, like police- 
men and firemen. But heroes can often 
be the people in our lives who are around 
us all of the time, doing the little things to 
make our lives easier. This year, the staff 
of the Mirror wants to honor five individ- 
uals who make sure that we are ready for 
each and every school day. 

For 31 years, Sharon Dole has been 
the Assistant to the Head of the 
School. Her warmth and caring for 
all individuals on campus is leg- 
endary. Serving under five differ- 
ent Heads of School, she has been 
a critical part of the leadership at 
North Shore. 

Both Lorri Braidman, Lower 
School Assistant, and Leonie 
O'Donohoe, Middle School 
Assistant, have returned to 
work at North Shore after 
leaving for a short period 
of time. Previously an As- 
sociate in the Admissions 
office, Lorri has been help- 
ing Lower-Schoolers and 
their families for the last four 
years make the transition to 
school a happy one. Leonie, 
previously the Upper School 
Assistant, has been helping 
Middle-Schoolers deal with 
this chaotic time in their lives for the last four years. 

For the past five years, Tana Hitch has been helping both Upper School students and faculty keep 
their lives in order. Her no-nonsense approach helps those who are trying to assert their indepen- 
dence keep on a straight and narrow path. 

For the past nine years, Carol Woodhead has been the first voice and person that people experience 
on campus. Her willingness to help everyone is appreciated by all. 

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to those whose paths lead them 
away from North Shore. For the past nine years, Eric Skalinder has been not 
only a teacher of Physics, but has been an advisor, the Junior Homeroom Ad- 
visor helping many classes of students plan for prom, has also lead the Upper 
School Science Olympiad team, and has helped students build bridges for the 
IIT competition. In addition, he is a kind individual who genuinely cares about 
each and every student. We will miss the Donald Duck voices, the snaps, and 
other quirks that define who Skal is. Thanks Skal, we will miss you. 

For the past eight years, Burke Kinnaird has been an integral part of the Middle 
School. Burke has been active in all aspects of school life, coaching soccer, 
teaching students how to build planes for the Science Olympiad, and in the 
classroom teaching students about medieval times, persuading students about 
the form of the essay, and unlocking the rules of grammar through countless 
MUG paragraphs. Thank you Burke for all that you have done to help students 
get ready for the rest of Middle School and Upper School. 

5 RT^^ 


} " ^^ ,;r ~ J 

r ~A 

- .4 


B - - ^CJ - 



t '■' ,. 

and sad goodbyes 


Junior Kindergarten 

Ms. Edwards and Miss Woodward 

First Row: Casey Woodward, Sarah Beth Sommer, Jane Cadden, Theo Kokonas, Charlie Loeb, D.J. Healy, Madeline Taylor, Ainsley 
Pyle, Claudia Fiegl, and Dominic Frucci. Second Row: Vanessa Smith, Jaelyn Pirtle, Keith Cadden, Isabella Elliott- Fehle, Tyler Nolan, 
Hal Phillips, Olivia Lafferty, Mitchell Lafferty, George Dowd, Zinzi Steele, Madhav Menon, and Kate Edwards. 

, ill 


The First Milestones 

Junior Kindergarten is the first 
step towards achiev- 
ing many of the mile- 
stones at North Shore. 
It is a year of excite- 
ment and growth. The 
friendships formed this 
first year help create a 
supportive learning en- 
vironment. Time spent 
with senior buddies is 
an exciting opportunity 
for JK students to expe- 
rience different aspects 
of North Shore. They spend 
every Morning Ex together as 
well as several special "Buddy 
Days" throughout the year. 
Cinnamon Bear is a tradition 
that, through visiting every 
child's home, helps to make 
the connection between 
home and school more mean- 
ingful while encouraging literacy and responsibili- 
ty. These experiences combined with many others 
create a year filled with learning and fun! 

Senior Kindergarten 

Ms. Smart and Ms. Romero 

■ ii 

I D 


First Row: Olivia Theodosakis, Finn Terwin, Emilie Duquet, Maggie Conlon, Marco LaSchiazza, and Phoebe Casey. 
Second Row: Vanessa Smith, Nicole Smart, Sebby Biggs, Max Streitwieser, Emily Loeb, Joshua Velick, Connor Falls, Gerald Leesch, 
Nate Barr, Lukas de Haan, Allie Charnas, Sofia Simon, and Mia Romero. Third Row: Paul Prindiville-Porto, Alexandra Morgan, Elise 
Gupta, Kevin Duffy, Lachlan Getz, Ava Khan, Jasper Goetzee, and Charlotte Ihlanfeldt. 

104 SK 

New Challenges 

Senior Kindergarten is a year 
filled with ex- 
citement, wonder- 
ment, and challeng- 
ing but fulfilling 
experiences. The 
students engage in 
a variety of studies 
such as Friendship, 
Bees, Ocean Life, 
and the Polar region 
The Senior Kinder- 
gartners participate 
in author studies and 
other literacy explorations. 
The students create books, 
act out stories, and establish 
reading skills that will carry 
them successfully into first 
grade. One of the best mem- 
ories for a Senior Kindergart 
ner is having a Senior Upper 
School buddy. The positive 
experiences and strong friendships formed in 
Senior Kindergarten will follow these children all 
the way through their life at North Shore! 


First Grade 

Ms. Wirtz and Mr. Jones 

First Row 1: Tori Blair, Duncan Appelbaum, Bowie Frucci, Maya Valliath, Rachel Block, Max Marshall, and Olivia Whitmore. 
Second Row: Kyle Jones, Sarah Schoon, Charles Martin, Paula Fiegl, Ethan Watrous, Samanthajaffe, Chamberlain Coffee, Daniel 
Greenwald, Caroline Lommer, Louis Miller, Micaela Montembeault, Miranda Muir, and Hillary Wirtz. Third Row: Katie Nolan, 
Sarah Healy, Eno Dynowski, Nathan Smolinski, Katherine Wyse, Charles Taylor, Isabelle Alexandre, Jimmy McMahon, and Alyssa 

106 First Grade 

World Explorers 

As they step in the classroom 
for the first time, the First- 
Graders are excited 
to reconnect with 
their friends and get 
to know their new 
classmates. They 
begin learning more 
about themselves, 
each other, and how 
they are part of our 
school community. 
To learn more about 
the community we 

live in, they take field trips 
to the fire station and the 
doctor's office and even take 
a train trip to the bank! They 
become world explorers by 
learning more about con- 
necting with communities in 
countries around the world. 
It is a time and place to help 
spark the discovery of what 
community means to them and what part they 
play in it. Even at the end of the year, after all the 
new things they have experienced, it is only the 
beginning of their immersion into the community 
that is North Shore. 

Second Grade 

Mrs. Potempa and Ms. Blanch 

First Row: Aliana Velick, Trenton Bismonte, Thomas McDowell, Benjamin Silverman, Govind Menon, Christopher Molzahn, Amy 
Kelly, and Noreen Potempa. Second Row: Stephanie Blanch, Frederick McClanahan, Haniya Ghazi, Nina Valenti, Cooper Bluhm, Max 
Barr, Jack Souder, Fritz Souder, Maximiliane Loew, Lisa Hodges, and Harry Reinsdorf. Third Row: Alice Tierney Prindiville-Porto, 
Thandi Steele, Sophie Henslee, James Karnezis, Cameron Rizai, Vivienne Falls, Krishna Butler, Bert Getz, and Mia Melchiorre. 

108 Second Grade 

Discovering the World Around Us 

A focus of Second Grade is 
learning about 
themselves and the 
world they live in. 
This multicultural 
theme is interwoven 
through the Second 
Grade curriculum. 
The children re- 
search animals and 
learn about different 
habitats. A service 
learning project 
is our connection 
with Barnswallow, an ani- 
mal sanctuary for injured or 
orphaned birds of prey. Each 
month, Second-Graders visit 
their Senior Buddies at the 
North Shore Senior Center. 
This intergeneration expe- 
rience allows children and 
seniors citizens to create a 

special friendship. A highlight of Second Grade i 
the musical play. This year the children recreated 
the story of The Three Little Pigs. Children leave 
Second Grade with a deeper sense of self and their 
relationship to the broader community. 

Second Grade 109 

Third Grade 

Mr. Green and Mrs. Kenyon 

First Row: Michael Baek, August Coffee, Tess Considme, Meggie Richter, Catie Cordon, James Kokonas, Amy Muslin, and 
Tyson Frucci. Second Row: David Green, Lewis Simon, Gabi Montembeault, Hannah Przybylo, Samantha Weinberg, Tommy 
McHugh, Isabella Kemp, Annika Weinberg, Jada Howard, Isabelle Haser, Adam Chiang, and Amy Kenyon. 
Third Row: Connor Watrous, Andrew Potter, Sarah Lumberg, Molly Ledden, Peter Weiser, Morgan Harney, Theodora Loew, 
Firouz Niazi, Will Murnighan, Meaghan Lanctot, and Roy Walker. 

110 Third Grade 

Hot Chocolate House Ti 

Third graders snapped their fin- 
gers, acted hip, 
sipped hot choco- 
late, got on stage and 
read their original 
stories at the an- 
nual Hot Chocolate 
House. Armed with 
digital voice record- 
ers, the third graders 
fanned out across 
the school inter- 
viewing everybody 
from kindergarten- 
ers to adults, asking them 
about favorite stuffed animals, 
super powers, and other top- 
ics. From the collected "tape" 
they created audio sound col- 
lages. In math, third graders 
did "candy box research" for 
Mr. J. P Yum Yum, finding 
all different boxes one could 
design to hold 24 pieces of candy. During activ- 
ity time, students played with Noodles the gerbil, 
wrote their own comic books, played computer 
chess or came up with fun projects of their own. 

11 m n 

Third Grade 111 

Fourth Grade 

Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Holeman 

i ii 



First Row: Winder Holeman, Cooper Terwin, Andersen Formolo, Cade Frucci, Allyx Guittard, Isabelle Adler, and Dan 
Sweeney. Second Row: Valerie Kirtley, Margaret Tabb, Cara Bondurant, Chiara Lommer, Christian Charnas, Mark Croghan, 
David Harwich, and Reese Formolo. Third Row: Allyson Vaughn, Antonia Theodosakis, Lindsay Getz, Olivier Alexandre, Ryan 
Nolan, Tyler Barr, Benjamin Potter, and Timothy Hodges. Fourth Row: Crea Taylor, Michael Valenti, Olivia Reed, Cameron 
Dehmlow Dunne, Claire Gupta, Jack Healy, Erik Bonds, and Brian Cook. 

112 Fourth Grade 


This year Fourth-Graders have 
worked hard 
exploring and 
learning about the 
world around them. 
They have gone back 
in time to take in the 
Wonders of Ancient 
Egypt. Afterwards 
they researched topics 
and recreated Egypt 
lin the classroom in 
s order to share it with 
ithe rest of the Lower School. 
IFrom Egypt, the class traveled! 
«to Japan and learned about a 
i modern day culture totally 
i different from their own. 
| Through the year they have 
! reflected on issues greater 
than themselves, whether it 
be the dream of Martin 
Luther King Jr., the struggles 

of children their own age in Afghanistan, or the challenge 
of immigrants moving to a new land. They have worked 
hard reading new books, learning math skills and putting 
their observations down on paper. It has been a exciting 
year in the Fourth Grade! 

Fourth Grade 113 

Fifth Grade 

Ms. Ester, Ms. Gentithes, and Ms. Herndon 

First Row: Ryan Corboy, Samantha Harney, Caroline Whitty, Mackenzie Nolan, Gregor Milosits, and Talia La Schiazza. Second 
Row: Ismail Ibrahim, Rachel York, Natasha Kelly, William McClanahan, Gabe Biggs, Blythe Chesney, Noah Silverman, Skip 
Wiltshire-Gordon, Ashleigh Wirtz, and Ian Talty. Third Row: Joey Reinsdorf, Sarah Metz, Patrick Lanctot, Danny Young, Jonatl 
Segal, Daniel Viellieu, Vaibhav Anand, Isabel Aurichio, Chloe Zeller, and Sophie Kelly. Fourth Row: Rachel Healy, William 
Curren, Hannah Lumberg, Cynthia Karnezis, Claire McCarthy, Sarah Shafiq, Marcus Anson, Benjamin Yih, Andrew Case, and/ 
Suppelsa. Last Row: Libby Ester, Cristy Herndon, and Annie Gentithes. 

114 Fifth Grade 


The Fifth-Graders are the leaders of 

the Lower School, 

and they fulfill their 

roles as leaders with 

their enthusiasm 

and commitment. 

They take charge of 

the Lower School's 

Afternoon Ex every 

Friday by acting 

as announcers and 

presenting reports, 

leading the all-school 

Halloween festivities, 

creating sets for and emceeing 

the Holiday program, and 

gathering recyclables from the 

entire Lower School, as well 

as collecting attendance and 

distributing snacks each day. 

By the time they have 

completed their leadership 

responsibilities and 

participated in their exciting 

activities, the Fifth- Graders are more than ready to 

tackle the new challenges Middle School will bring 

Sixth Grade 

Mr. Kinnaird and Ms. White 

First Row: Alex Chiang, Angie Ibrahim, Will Skinner, Juliet Miller, Hannah Terwin, and Malini Valliath. Second Row: Declan 
Falls, Christopher Nolan, Evan Salathe, Kaitlyn Johnson, Garrett Rasmus, Andrew Rice, Shea Dettling, Jack Colley, Juliette Corbo) 
and Burke Kinnaird. Third Row: Rebecca Kirtley, John McHugh, Will Case, Jordan Thomas, Zach Kornick, Quinn Gray, Morgan 
Mostrom, Jack Valenti, Stephanie Curley, and Sarah Vrotny. Fourth Row: Veera Anand, Emi Croghan, Madison Morgensai, Carl 
Anderson, Melissa Rrzai, Matthew Weiser, Jack Fields, Alex Theodosakis, Clayton Cottingham, and Sam Morrison. 

1 J 


j- _ j ■ _ 

mi m. 1 

116 Sixth Grade 

Starting a New Era 

Sixth Grade is a very important 
year because 
the Sixth-Graders 
have to manage the 
increased workload 
and their role in the 
Middle School. This 
year the Sixth Grade 
went on Outdoor 
Ed to the Glenview 
Forest Preserve 
where they learned 
how to set up tents, 
basic first aid, and 
how to identify certain plants 
and animals. A big theme of 
Sixth Grade curriculum is 
the study of Medieval Europe 
so they went on a field trip 
to Medieval Times where 
they rooted for their assigned 
knight as that knight rivaled 
the other knights. Another 
fun field trip the Sixth-Graders went on was an 
overnight stay at the Field Museum. The Sixth 
Grade also has been very active in service learning 
by volunteering at a soup kitchen once a month. 

Sixth Grade 117 

Seventh Grade 

Ms. Aldinger and Mr. Collins 

First Row: Hayun Chojulie Block, Anna Schmidt, Eliza Carey, Hanna Cunningham, David Wilson, and Andrew Bedford. Second Row 
: Brooke Bondurant, Alexandra Peccia, Kendrick Hales, Porter Veach, Jonah Levi-Paesky, Madeleine Anson, Alex Haft, 
Maya Aurichio, Alissa Nolan, and Jenny Remsdorf. Third Row: Paul Slocum, Gagandeep Bhambra, Chandler Elliott-Fehle, Annie 
Morris, Aria Hughes-Liebling, Gabrielle Meyer, Annie Murnighan, Madison Amboian, Ilia Labkovski, and Matthew Suppelsa. 
Fourth Row: Steve Collins, Olivia Giampietro, Hayley Bounds, Austin Curren, Tim Morette, Sam Tullman, Riley Hall, Alex 
Amboian, Elias Butler, Ryan Shafiq, Steven Cook, and Sara Aldinger. 

'**' ^U 




1 1 8 Seventh Grade 

Graders Just Did It! 

Last year, Middle School was some 
thing brand new 
to us and it took a 

h while for us to get 

i the hang of it. This 

1- year has been com- 
pletely different! 
Going on a campout 
at the beginning 
of the year re- 
ally helped us bond 
together as a group. 
As the school year 
began, we quickly 
distinguished ourselves as an 
outstanding class. We really 
enjoyed sharing our talents 
with the community. Our 
athletic teams enjoyed lots of 
success and Seventh Grade 
actors definitely stole the 
show in the Middle School 
play, Testing, Testing. Middle 
School dances were fun but nothing compared to 
class with Mr. Leesch or Ms. Aldinger. It was a 
little rough when Mr. Collins left us for his pater- 
nity leave but Ms. Latash did a great job filling in 
for him. Watch out Mr. Block, here we come! 


/^\* nN ^ 

jjM mF \ 

K -'J^L - jflE^lk y^tk 



Grade 119 

Eighth Grade 

Mrs. Austin and Mr. Block 

First Row: Cassi Formolo, Tess Weiner, Daniel Shur, Katherine Simmons, Jay Haft, Grace Flickmger, Jonathan Green, 
Maxwell Chung, Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon, Lucy Parker, and Patrick McClanahan. Second Row: Sam Skinner, Harinjang, Con- 
nie Chiang, Jake Kami, Daniel Hayes, Aleda Deuble, Colan Biemer, Mary Sturgis, Kate Lee, Emma Colman. Third Row: Alanna 
Peccia, Patrick White, Tyler Salathe, Jean-Patrick Grosrenaud, Alexandra Berman, Katie Koenig, Jeannie Peters, Youssef Ibrahim, 
Rachel Mabie, Emma Shawver. Fourth Row: Natalie Sept, Lee Block, and Paige Austin. 

120 Eighth Grade 

Middle School Leaders 

Eighth Grade year in Middle School 
is a very challenging 
one. The Eighth- 
Graders have to be 
the leaders of the 
Middle School, 
and prepare for the 
transition to the 
Upper School at 
the same time. The 
core curriculum 
of Eighth Grade is 
the Family History 
Project. The Eighth- 

Graders combine science, 
humanities, and art into one 
big project that consumes 
most of their final Middle 
School year. Another high- 
light of Eighth Grade is the 
annual trip to Washington 
D.C. in October. And finally, 
Eighth-Graders get to preparel 
for their graduation ceremony in June. All in all, 
Eighth Grade is one of the most fun, productive, 
and memorable Middle School years. 

Eighth Grade 121 

Ninth Grade 

Mr. Curren and Mrs. Sherman 

First Row: Suvarna Besanko, Kestrin Brahimaj, and Shelby Marks. Second Row: Quinnita Bellows, Sammi Edelson, Sarah 
Traisraan, Nora Philbin, Madeline Tank, Max Fink, and Jake Gordon. Third Row: Barbara Sherman, Caroline Whitmore, Meera 
Valliath, Drew Dickson, Leigh Kukanza, Christian Alexander, Sam Bagheri, Haley Ross, Webbe Colley, and Tim Curren. Fourth 
Row: Nick Heytow, Lauryn Payne, Morgan Peters, Alex Appclbaum, Harry Metz, Aliyea Rizai, Julia Lowe, Riley Mostrom, Sonia 
Shah, and Zack Young. Fifth Row: Luke Lee, Fred Cheon, Akeem Edmond, David Deuble, Eli Siegel, Ryan Seltz, Sherezaad 
Anwar, Ben Shafer, Gordon Backer, and Peter Milling. Sixth Row: Hannah Gray, Wilson Taylor, Michael Creatura, Lauris Herth, 
Javier Heredia, Ryan Nolan, Eric Anderson, Nick McCarthy, Peter Holz, Peter Vertrees, and Mason George. 

1 22 Ninth Grade 

This was a good year for the 
freshman class. We 
had a ton of new 
students, with 22 of 
the 49 students be- 
ing new. 

Another challenge 
for the freshman 
class was that the 
Ninth Grade was 
the biggest in North 
Shore history! Even 
so, the class was able 
to come together 
during Outdoor Ed when the 
class camped out at Richard 
J. Bong Recreational Facility 
and did a multitude of things, 
from camping to playing 
volleyball. We learned a lot 
this year! We could choose 
our foreign language, had an 
arts rotation to sample the art 
choices, and took freshman seminar to learn about 
health and diversity. The class has a bright future! 

fl B'^fc^jk 


Tenth Grade 

Sra. Castilla and Mr. Foley 



HO | 

First Row: Stephanie Carrera, Kelsey Hagen, Phoebe Woodall, Alex Block, Janae Masnovi, Sara Nydick, Eleanor Herzbcrg, and 
Lauren Olswanger. Second Row: Katrice Krumplys, Genevieve Nielsen, Julia Price, Katie Gentles, Andrea Strauss, Alex 
Tomkins, Lilly Milla, Curtis Wulfsohn, Hayley Formolo, Becca Newmark, Cardineal Nyarko, and Danielle Farrell. Third Row: 
Roderick Mobley, Lauren Mulligan, Joni Dema, Sammy Gray, Mikey Gendell, Damen Fera, Geoff Curley, Diana Granger, 
Celeste Black, Beth Vrotny, Ben Crane, and Barbara Castilla. Fourth Row: Lindsey Koenig, Will Finlay, Marissa Hall, Rob Voges, 
Luke Gensburg, Eric Van Wart, Jamie Elam, David Trott, Kevin Malpede, Trey Surpless, Ivan Ramirez, and Kravon Teamer. 

124 Tenth Grade 

A Perfect Ten(th Grade) 

With one year of experience 
in the Up- 
per School, this 
year's sophomore 
class enjoyed lots of 
success! We kicked 
off the school year 
by participating in 
a fun and thought- 
provoking retreat 
sponsored by Youth 
Frontiers. As the 
year progressed, 
our footprint on 
the life of the school became 
more pronounced. It's really 
exciting to seen lOth-Grad- 
ers beginning to take leading 
roles on stage, on the athletic 
field, and in the classroom. 
A definite highlight for the 
class was the annual turn- 
about dance that we planned 
with the freshmen. Many kids said it was the best 
dance of year! Now that we have two years under 
our belt, watch out for the class of 2010! 

Tenth Grade 125 

Eleventh Grade 

Mr. Querio and Madame Wollin-Casey 

■ II 


First Row: Becca Dachille, Mia Weiner, Sammy Marks, Lucy Roque, Saachi Shah, Erica Shaps, Ashley Richardson, 

Lindsey Richter, Raul Barrera, Karen Block, Xochitl Carmona, and Lynsey Wollin-Casey. Second Row: Blair Hunt, 

Sara Cunningham, Jordy Blenner, Emily Keyser, Chloe Stahl, Christoph Tries, Joseluis Bedoya, Ellen Gardner, Alex Kaplan, 

Emmy Paull, Ama Kittoe, Lisa Doi, and Brian Frederick. Third Row: Michael Querio, Alison McDonagh, Mick Reedy, 

Hannah Walchak, Hopie Hambleton, Joseph Tepper, Caroline McCarthy, Alex Whitmore, Sam McElroy, Kenna Sullivan, and 

Julie Stevens. Fourth Row: Katie Cherry, Ashton Minor, Matt Thomas, Jack Viellieu, Charlie Sklare, Peter Callahan, 

Robert Rakocy, Chris White, Danny Nolan, David Thomas, Nick Young, and Matt Morrison. Missing: Sara Gardner and Emily 


_-jg Km _' : 


H "_fl 

: ^^k H[ ',( 


IL' 70 1 J 


■ Hi ':■ 


■ mil' ^ . 


SO / / 

V 1 

126 Eleventh Grade 

Mastering Fund-Raisins 

As upperchssmen, the 11th- 
Graders ap- 
proached the new 
school year with 
confidence and 
leadership. Each 
junior knew how 
demanding and 
important the year 
ahead was going to 
be, but managed to 
have a lot of fun. By 
coordinating events 
and fund raisers for 
prom, such as running the 
junior store everyday, the 
junior class has stepped up to 
be leaders for the freshmen 
and sophomores. And they 
are still looking up to their se 
niors for advice about teach- 
ers, classes, and even college. 
From hosting an international! 
student from Germany to raising money for Greg 
Mortenson, the junior class has had an unbeliev- 
ably successful year and will continue on as se- 
niors acting as role models in the Upper School. 

Eleventh Grade 127 

>9> i 



H^T ^ 



■ '-■:-.., j 




20 and Nick 



dia -21 


Kelly 08 H 








and Danny 08 

128 Seniors w/ Buddies 

enior Buddies 

Seniors w/ Buddies 129 

130 Gaurav Ajmani 

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity 

To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment 

Would you capture it or just let it slip? - Eminem 



"tveep yo' head up an3 trylolce'ep the 
faith And pray for better days -Tupac 

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the 
life vou're living?" - Bob Marley 

Taylor Appelbaum 

132 Abe Aviles 

Livy and Shaun were pretending to be 

Robin and Catwoman they didn't 

do a very good job. 

I'll never forget my wife Jill. 
We knew we were right for 
each other the day we entered 
NSCDS freshman year. 

My mom, aunt, 
and brother 
played very 
important roles 
in my life. 
Thanks for 
being there for 

i Aracely, Tommy, Danny, Max, 
and Ms. Mills: you guys are the 
bomb. We will always be the most 
popular school at GYLI, no doubt. 

Sarvie Bagheri 

i 133 

Caroline j3)ehart 

^'laughter is the language of 
the sou 
- Pablo Neruda 

"The creation 

of a thousand 

forests is in 

one acorn" 

- Ralph Waldo 


It takes courage to grow up and 
become who you really are." 

Soggy Peat and Danny 

"Love is a friendship set to music. 
- E- Joseph Cossman 




ee cummings [r^f 

< "Write it on your heart that every 
day is the best day in the year." 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"What do we live for, if it is not to make 
life less difficult for each other?- 
T.S. Eliot 

134 Caroline Blehart 

&c Aaron in Montreal 

"A minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment 
was the most you could ever expect from perfection." 
-Chuck Palahniuk 

Tommy Brown 135 

Uj Family (I made that tie) 


/AVE6 <JKA6UiU$" 


"Don't underestimate tfie value of Doing Hotffivjcybf Just goii 
to all tfie things you can't (near, and not bothering;' / 

-Winnie-tfie-Poofr 1 ^?^ 

136 Andrew Bustria 

Yay, Shakespeare! P(?t<? ' ^ M rock tfot ar ^ le 

The driver said "Hey, man, we go all the way"/ Of course we 
were willing to pay! 

- "Jonas" (Weezer) 

Tkmfcs for everting Caroline, Mom, Dad, Evan, Spidermaia 
Batman, t(nc Runaways, Mr. B(ert(nold), Big Giant Robots, fiair 
m\ Nintendo®, Mr, Yamada, Mrs, Gallaga, Shakespeare bud- 
ides, Mr, Qwerio and leak PILLOWS, PROSODY, and every- 
one wfio is or ever was a part of tfie Class of '08, Tfianfcs, 

"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" 
J. R.R.Tolkien 

Thank you to my mom, 
my dad, my family and 
my friends. I'll miss vou 

Arielle Carroll 137 

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention 
of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but 
*)-* rather to reach the end, adrenaline pumping, screaming.. 
WOO HOO! WHAT A RIDE! ! !" -Annonymous 


-#% tfr*jS 

"Only those who risk going to far can 
possibly find out how far they can go." 
T.S. Eliot 

138 Harrison Clancuillo 

Melissa Curley 


Tkcwjk we -travel 
VlA/orld over-b+ihd 

-the bew-Wul/Wc 
WuM owmi it.wHhv/s 
or Wt fiM i-b\nofc 

TWenfv >it*r? KQrm nou; 
>jbu vauW *bt rrore <ii#p?*iieM 

do -tttfin by +We one* 
o&4V*. bowiinec. . 

"indoor wl*. _ 


E^ect YX^tive ^f^A^SW 

140 Leah Druzinsky 

-I«» *&*'- 


£ Stwndfnq ov a F>i 

of dreams* telling 
myself it's wot %$ 


i^R 11 frarcU ftarcU F>ard 
as it Seems* -led 


Peter Dunn 141 

142 Shreve Fellars 

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender 
with the young, compassionate with the aged, 
sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak 
and the strong. Because someday in life you will have 
been all of those." — George Washington Carver 

Jay Findlay 



Billy Gendell 

Danielle, we are so proud of your accomplishments. Your 
hard work, dedication, and never quit attitude have been an 
inspiration to us all. We know you will cherish your years at 
North Shore, and we eagerly await all the good things your 
future will bring. 


Mom, Dad, Luke, and Bella 

Danielle Censburg 


146 Natalie Haft 

Jack Harmer 147 

I will always be thankful to everyone who has stayed by my side and supported me on this journey! 

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start 

today and make a new ending." 

Maria Robinson 

"The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a 
lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches 

you a lesson." 

- Tom Bodett 


Yuliya Ivanchencko 



Words are flowing out 
like endless rain into a 
paper cup, 

They slither while they 
pass, they slip away 
across the universe 
Pools of sorrow, waves of 
joy are drifting through 
my open mind, 
Possessing and caressing 

Jai guru deva om 
Nothing's gonna change 
my world. 

Thanks for all the 
great times. 


■ I " 


Olivia Kagan 


I'm walkin' down that long, 
lonesome road 
Where I'm bound, I can't tell 
Goodbye's too good a word 
So I'll just say fare thee well 


■ 1 r W 


150 Jeff Killian 

if r~Y/ i \Yi5^5 

We may forget how to differentiate or the 
plot of a book, but we won't forget these 

Friends till the end 

Outdoor ed was always a lot of 
fun.. ..oh how we'll miss it.... 

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." 

-Albert Einstein 

Future World Olympians? 
Most definitely. 

Jill Krier 151 

152 Madelaine Kukanza 

Danny Lowinger 


"If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide." 
-Mahatma Gandhi 


Stephen Lowinger 

"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach 
them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow 
where they lead." - Louisa May Alcott Caroline NcKendrick 1 55 


Annsley McKinney 

"If you accept the expectations i 




Jonathan Misch 157 

i moves pretjy fesfc 
| If you don't step sod iook jtoukgT 

©Dee to 9 while you eouW pjiss it. Ferris 'hidQ 



,'Do not follow where the path may lead. 
! Go, instead, where there is no path 
and leave a trail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Graduation is not the 
it's the beginning 

158 Laura Norse 

Kevin Nathan 59 


Phillip Ochs 

"You'll come to see that a man learns nothing from winning. The 
act of losing, however, can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which 
is how much more enjoyable it is to win." -Anonymous 

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth." 
-John F. Kennedy 

160 Phillip Ochs 




1 ^^- ^> j J| 

^E tnv 


/ m^ 

^. > -- - r \Jm 


v '^k!) 

wT /fl jL& 




Alice: I simply must get through! 

Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible. 

Alice: You mean impossible? 

Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible. 

-Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll 

Amanda Osborn 161 


Liza Patinkin 

"The best is yet to come, and 
baby won't it be fine, You 
think you've seen it sun, but 
you ain't seen it shine" 
- Frank Sinatra 

' : --**i#- ■„ 

^ i itfp 


H 1 

"All you need is love" 
-The Beatles 

"It's always better when we're 
together"-Jack Johnson 

Kelly Powers 163 

"It is a mistake to think you can solve 
major problems just with potatoes." 
-Douglas Adams ./„' 


164 Aaron Regunberg 



'Well life is short, so 
love the one you got, 
cause you might get run 
over or you might get 

XochitL.What to say. You made my last 
three years at North Shore great ones. I really 
enjoyed my time here, and I'm sure you were 
a big part of that. Thanks for always being 
there for me. Te Amo. 

Shaun, we had some good dances. We made 
the school just a little bit cooler. You were 
always there for me and we had a lot of great 
talks. I love you like a brother. 

To my family. Thanks. I know 
I've been difficult and I know 
maybe I'm a dorky brother, but I 
love you guys. Thanks. 

It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much 
beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like 
I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, 
my heart fills up like a balloon that's about 
to burst.... And then I remember to relax, and 
stop trying to hold onto it, and then it flows 
through me like rain and I can't feel anything 
but gratitude for every single moment of my 
stupid little life.... You have no idea what I'm 
talking about, I'm sure. ...But don't worry. 

You Will Someday. 
Kevin Spacey 

Joni & Ivan: I'll never forget our talks at 
McDonalds. You guys are the new Shaun and 
Jordan. I see you guys as my protegees. I see 
greatness. Don't let me down. 

This is from the game at the United Center. 
Shaun, Caroline, Xochitl and I. You guys all 
spice up my life. "Who can say if I've been 
changed for the better, but because I knew you 
I have been changed for good." - Wicked 

To the teachers and 
people at North 
Shore, I guess it 
couldn't have been 
possible without 

To all of my classmates, I may have been 
quiet. I may have looked uninterested. But 
you guys made my North Shore experience. 
It's cliche, but you guys are family, I love 
you guys, and if we see each other at a later 
time in life, you guys can have dinner at my 
place. If I have one. 

Jordan Reyes 


% 4t 

•-- - 

&A - 

-.-> ^^B^H| 

■IB ^B 




fc-.i- ^ Jm 


166 Annie Schmidt 

the ' 


^ optional, 
getting down is 

-Ed Viesturs 

Four years of High Schoc 
and 17 years of life. How 
is a collection of words 
supposed to describe it? ] 
is life afterall and there is 
still more to come. Than! 
you to all who have been 
there with me. There are 
no quotes that are able to 
describe what these pic- 
tures mean nor what the 
time spent at North Shor« 
has done for me, but I dc 
wish to thank you. 

Max Shafer 167 


Ricky Stevenson 

"Life is 10% what happens to 
you and 90% how you respond 
to it." 
-Lou Holtz 

"You have to expect things 
of yourself before you can do 

-Michael Jordan 

Bobby Sullivan 169 

Thfls Page 
Interf " 


170 Ben Swartz 

Nick Tank 171 



*~ t are. 

Painters understand nature 
and teach us to see her. 
If one truly loves nature, one 
can find beauty everywhere. 
-Vincent Van Gogh 


Cindy Taylor 


feF J^iSr 

" The essence uf cuul is a guy cumiiig 
baok to lifo. It ia tho idoa of 
.knowing that one day I will once 

again see all the people 

_that helped me. 

- Lupe Fiasco 

Shaun Teamer 173 

"take a look around, it's all very 

clear, all your dreams are found ; 

everything is here" 

- Chris tobias 

174 Chris Tobais 


id , 

Annsley, Annie, and Melissa, 

thanks for making me feel at 

home. ..I'm so grateful. 

Raquel and Audrey... thanks 
for always being there for 


Caroline and Sarvie, I love you 

Mammy y papi, ustedes son 
una bendicion para mi. Ust- 
edes siempren han querido 
lo mejor para mi y los quiero 

■ B^H Q 

^»1F ^K" "1 
■pi fiU j 

fe 6 ! 

A^'-J^^ij k '^^1 

I am going to miss you both 
so much. I love you both and 
although we have our differenc- 
es I know that you are always 

\ J. * 
Jane you are the best buddy! 

"I will miss you while I'm away 

but you'll be in my thoughts 

each and every day..." 

-Shelly Ann Johnston 

Thank you both for always 
watching my back! 

Danny, Sarvie, Max, Tommy, 

and Mrs. Mills I'm so glad that 

we were all a part of the GYLI. 

Remember "Pura Vida!" 

Shaun, you have always 

been my second brother. I 

will always remember you 

and your crazy ideas. 

Thank you. 

Julia and Livy, you know that I 

couldn't have survived without 

you both in my life. 

Aracely Vasquez 


. 12X 

! 11 






WED OCT 11 2006 7100PM 


;CN 03809 oi = 

! A4 SI 
18 g| 

'UI450.00 <o| 



A man is a success if he 
gets up in the morning 
and gets to bed at night, 
and in between he does 
what he wants to do. 
Rob Dylan 


176 Patrick Ver Bockel 

arthur wrobel 

- James Dean 

Arthur Wrobel 177 

1 78 Ad Divider 

"Though no one can go back 
and make a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now 
and make a brand new ending." 
- Carl Bard - 


May the same passion and 

determination you show 

on the field and on the trails, 

shine through in ali that you do 

in high school. 

Dream your own dreams. 

We are so proud of you. 

Love You, 

Mom. Dad, Lauren and Lindsev 

'Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.'" 

- Harvey Fierstein - 









Congratulations Patch! 

We are so proud 
of you! 

Lots of love, 

Mom, Caitlin, 
Brendan and Chris 


"Don't let the noise of 
other's opinions drown 
out your own inner voice. 
And most important, have 
the courage to follow your 
heart and intuition." 

Steve Jobs 



Congratulations Noah! 

Love, Mom, Dad & Benjamin 

Congratulations Melissa! 

We are so very proud of you and all 

your accomplishments. You have 

everything it takes to reach your 

dreams. Keep smiling, work hard 

and enjoy college. 

We Love You! 
Mom, Dad, Geoff and Steffi 




' If 



jr. 4,1. -i 





and being S° T^t we've told y 0lJ 

B ut remember W linake you choo^ 
^cause the world oJesUS 

? iding on to you. « 
He's holaJjguOTndi 

ie world 

and being g° f 




Congratulations, Jordan!! 

We love you so. 

Dad, Mom, Sara, Grade 

Snowy and Sandy 


Congratulations Natalie! 

We are very proud of you and love 

you so much! 
There's nothing you can't accom- 
plish if you set your mind to it. 
Good luck in College! 

Dad, Mom, Jay and Alex 

- £-* S 1 



Nunca olvides que aqui siempre estaremos 
para ti. Te deseamos todo lo mejor ara, 
cuidate y felcidades!!! 
-Mama, Papa, Junior yEli :) 


Jay- We are so proud of you and 
how hard you have worked. Good 
luck as you dive into High School. 

Love Dad 9 Mom, Natalie and Alex 

Congratulations, Cindy!! 

We are so proud of you, 

and all that you've 


Best of luck in college—we're 

going to MISS you! 





HP ^j 

4 ^^ 

m A 

v Ba. m 

Kawaga Ideal 

Build me a son, Lord, who will be strong 

enough to know when he is weak and brave enough 

to face himself when he is afraid. One 

who will be proud and unbending in defeat, 

and humble and gentle in victory. 

A son whose wishbone will not be where his back- 
bone should be. A son who will know that 
to know himself is the foundation stone of all true 

Rear him I pray, not in the paths of ease and 
comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties 
and challenges. Here let him learn 
to stand up in the storm, here let him learn 
compassion for those who fail. 

Build me a son, whose heart will be clean, 

whose goal will be high. A son who will master 

himself before he seeks to master others. One 

who will learn to laugh yet never forget how 

to weep. One who will reach onto the future, 

but never forget the past. And after all these 

are his, add, I pray, enough of a sense of 

humor so that he may always be serious, but 

not take himself too seriously. A touch of humility so 

that he may always remember the 

simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of 

true wisdom, the meekness of true strength. 


Then I his father, will dare in the recesses of 
my own heart to whisper, "I have not lived in 
vain." -Anonymous 

Billy, you are a wonderful son, we are so 
proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad 

half way there, 
oh...livin on a 

houses, 2 boys, 
the same 
places, bound 
by 1 Ideal 

















rus, your passion 
love of fiends, class- 
mates, NSCDS, 
we love you Shreve! 
Thanks NSCDS! 

WAT ro GO 

5TH graders: 






Heart. Cha.rcLc.-ter. Qrcuie.. J^ind- Sp«^'"t- 
Li VE liJtll. flB U)t lewe yon so nutdh. 

f"W rAic-ho^L Uzzi^ 

Lmc^M andC ScAurf: 



. Syliia Robinson, 'Barbara Milton. Barbara Wooiman, Maaaie Ross Meiners, Kerah Sandier, Roe Sakinski, Natalie Coaaeshall, Joe Couhon, Susan Arthur, Qlona.^ 
'5 Becky Tlory, Susan 'Eichner, [Join 'Doar, T)eborah Rintels, Jackie Melissas. 'Daie "potter. Carmen Qomez Bieal, Cy Oelerich, Karen Schertima, Hillary -g g 
G . Uhomas Torteith, Cjretchen Bayer, Jay Bach, Kate Cicchelli, Burhe Kinnairo, 'Amy Kenyan, Qarrett Tories, Vinnie Vrotny, Carolyn Tiael, Ooio Nel^ 5. 'h-, 

q ft 

Our little acoms grew into mighty oaks. 1 1£ 

't ^ 

r ^. 5 



w c^ 


5 ur 


g g- 



r H -r 



^ -- 


«=; c 




M f=. 


0. '1 




^~* *£* 


<-. -*_ 




■3 ~ 


'"5 v - ^ 










a: J 


S p 



fcs § 


G f- 


ISL .' a 

$T i 


52 s : 




=" ,f 3" 

a ' 

f 5>§ 







§ ^ 




tS J 




^ -£: 




^5 ^g 




.y =- 


w | 




tc J 


si £ 






. " ' 




Jg -5 






*~3 § 




,-§ ~5 




~ 9 




J <a 


Congratulations Danny and Stephen! 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Lauren 

* . * — - 


■ ml 

Thank you North Shore Country Day School for 14 

great years! 



: $ ^iS? 

! I rJJl . : 



a- Co 

« >' 


a ar- 1 

J ~ 'ymg fmuvf '3)111^ wyy -uvz}^ f<tj } vyj -uvuiSAgr uoj 'tf0uu3Qpy$ W1 v c3 ' lm l\\\ "IP" J 'foumyq uuvqg 'psfy ifpg; 'hpuv.tgr muogj nt'if 5? ^ 

I "H '""'S " v ll¥ ''"IFM ""& 'U 'G '""'"H m " uv J 't'^cU "("'''J' '^"D-WdA ^ mf 'J 'Wl> uv S fiuu3 [ '"T z l°W PS " wt, fl '""'/' 3 Z% '"^'-"'^ '«^ 'faijuoj* '"=" 
~!fBl' n 3' ms H 3 n W"[ ' U T"D •'< u '-'^: "TO '""-'"d P"fW ' i WH'SP f ' a V°l W& ' 30t l om Q.O m,03 J ' J3 W«° J D w .!G '" oliu3 )i flw H '^»/ c M J '"/0 ' 3 ? K ? 3 ^ 


Ben, you've grown and matured so much, .but you're still the 
same sweet boy you always were! Don't ever change! 


We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Aaron and Noah 

Max, remember one thing 

ALWAYS "Go big or go home" 

We wish you happiness and 

adventure throughout your 



Love, Mom, Dad, Ben 
and Sydney 




Congratulations and best wishes to uou, your terrific 

classmates and to the wonderful f\|orth Shore faculty 

and staff who are so dedicated to this community. 

lJ)ad; M om and Little S^-inns 


AV 1 






■WttW ■■■ ■ tff£-*r 


PATRICK!!! «&\ 



Love, Mom, Dad, Ave, Teddy, 
Grade, & Midge 


1 *t$*.J 


1 HI 9 h 

h_ -»*Jto*' *■* . ' *ft * ft 

^ fti Jft ■ 

■ ^^*?- j 5WPft J r w i li 

*■** ft Htet^J ftl Cfc hi J 

k \ Kj VHr III 

11 s £ TK; J 

ft ^b **> ^ ' 

1 1 

ft ft W \ 

^^ ft 

ft ft 1 
ft ft 

K\ 1 

To all our teachers, coaches and the staff...thanks for a combined 
15 years of your time and support. You're the best!! 

The Powers Family 

twill rt(\llv\ tniss UQU wktn 
vjpu (\>rt (KWfKu. ^jcfu fart tkt 
pett HSte-r tfiftt cnt tfcn t\?er 








We are veru 
proud of all uoui 

You mean the Cf Munao"to us! 
■|Ceep up the great work in high school 

We Love You. 

Dad, Louise, Anna, Tommy, Mariel, Smithy Geoff, 
Grandma, Grandpa, Pop-Pop and Grandma Phoebe 





k «r.v.:;tv . 


i :*,::•.?:■.;;! 


IS ;;..«•» «i 

r ' Z.^ _- mm m* ri. 

is n 

»t I! II 








■■:■:"---- ,- ,= -.^ 



-ve-'ate***- ^^ 



To have no heroes is to have no aspiration, 'to live 
^fe<^Xon the momentum of the past, to be thrown back 
upon routine, sensuality, and the narrow self. 







/ ■■n 



n ^ 




If * \